Early Signature Submission Day

It's early signature submission day today at the Elections Division.

What's that? Well, any ballot measure campaign that thinks they're close to the signature requirement can turn in their signatures and get an early judgement on how many valid signatures they have. If they fall short, they have until July 7 to get the rest.

Usually, the campaigns that turn in signatures today are considered the odds-on favorites to make the fall ballot.

According to Our Oregon, which ones have turned in so far this morning?

#14 Federal Tax Substitution, #24 Judges by District, #57 Eminent Domain, #102 Corporate Accountability.

Doors are open until 5 p.m., so we'll keep updating here.

Update: One more came in late - from Bill Sizemore.

#23 Insurance Credit Check,

  • Patty Wentz, Our Oregon (unverified)

    Hey! Want to know more about these measures?

    Here is an Our Oregon summary of the money flow for IP 14 (Federal Tax Substitution), IP 24 (Judges by District) and IP 57 (Eminent Domain).

    Our Oregon $$$ Summary

    Important information about IP 14: According to the Legislative Revenue Office, if passed it woudl take $156 million out of the 2005-2007 budget. Meaning it's retroactive and would cut the budget already passed by lawmakers. And the impacts for the next budget are of course more severe: $835 million from the 2007-2009 budget.

    Also, here is a link to information re: the Corporate Accountability measure from the Oregon Center for Public Policy:

    OCPP Corporate Accountability

  • David (unverified)

    I guess the theory is that if you go back to the well often enough people will eventually say yes. We've rejected the substiution twice since 2000 if I recall directly, as well as the Judges mesasure in 2002. Glad to see them burning cash though.

  • Ramon (unverified)

    Our Oregon is first-rate. Whenever you need THUGS and GOONS to interfere with voters and folks who might be carrying petitions that you deem un-progressive, give Our Oregon a jingle and they will be right there. Isn't it cool that we have real-life versions of Paulie Walnuts and Silvio Dante doing this important work to sustain our progressive values?

  • Pedro (unverified)


    I'd love to sign the coporate accountability petition. Where in the Portland area is it available to sign.



  • MsBlue (unverified)

    Signatures gathers are carrying the initiative at the down town library, or contact the Oregon Education Association and get one to circulate yourself.

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    <h2>Pedro, all the info you need is over at OCPP.org.</h2>
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