Election Results: Local Races, around the state

It's 8 p.m. The polls are closed. Use this space to discuss the results of contested local races around the state. (Excluding Portland and Multnomah County races - they have their own thread.)

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    CD 2 - Dems Carol Voisin - 9,384 - 49% Dan Davis - 5,448 - 28% Scott Silver - 2,446 - 13% Charles Butcher - 1,956 - 10%

    Oregon Supreme Court Jack Roberts - 132,153 - 41% Virginia Linder - 124,561 - 39% Gene Hallman - 65,259 - 20%

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    It's a good news for conservationists in local races across the state. Anti-environment incumbents Anna Morrison (Lane County Commission) and Jim Randall (Salem City Council) went down to defeat. In Morrison's case, she got stomped, despite a big influx of timber and developer money trying to defend her.

    Salem City Council Ward 2 Tesler 55% Randall 44%

    West Lane County Commission Morrison 37% Fleenor 62%

    We're gloating a bit at OLCV. Of the 10 races we put financial resources into, we either won outright or had our candidate leading going into a run-off in 8 of them. In two of the three races where we put grassroots and financial power behind defeating an incumbent, we won.

    More on local races with an environmental angle at OLCV's website.


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    Nike's efforts to buy a seat on the Beaverton City Council seem to have failed.

    Betty Bode survived a challenge from Nike-backed Bob Burke. Bode got 58% to Burke's 42%.

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    It looks like a Roberts/Linder run off in November for the Oregon Supreme Court Seat. I voted for Hallman who got cooked by the other two candidates.

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    CD 2 - Dems Carol Voisin - 13,921 - 46% Dan Davis - 8,279 - 27% Scott Silver - 4,750 - 16% Charles Butcher - 3,166 - 11%

    Oregon Supreme Court Jack Roberts - 154,385 - 41% Virginia Linder - 143,469 - 38% Gene Hallman - 75,344 - 21%

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    A huge win, Jonathan! Dumping Morrisson is a feat I never thought possible. Our county commission just got a nice balance with that one. Thank your organization for the help!

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    I was at the party where Laura gave a speech thanking all those who helped on her campaign. Real proof that grass roots door to door campaigning cna have an effect in local races. From the SJ article:

    Fisheries biologist Laura Tesler was leading Tuesday night in her challenge to unseat

    Ward 2 incumbent Jim Randall on the Salem City Council.

    With about two-thirds of ballots counted, Tesler led Randall by a double-digit margin, according to unofficial results from Marion County elections officials.

    "If the trends hold as they are now, Laura will win," Randall said around 11 p.m. "I congratulate her. She is joining a great council that is poised to do great things for Salem, and I wish her all the best."

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    It looks like Voisin is headed toward a show down with Greg "I'm Bush's yes man" Walden. Condolences to Chuck..

    Anyone heard about the race between the judge that ruled on Measure 37 and Ross Day?

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    Amazing work by OLCV and the candidates that they supported...beating Anna is huge, and begining to turn that Salem Council is big as well...my hat is off to you all!

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    Yamhill County Commissioner's Race -

    Democrat Mary Stern trounced former Yamhill Mayor, Chuck Mitchell 62.28 - 27.24 in the race for position 3. Democrat Cassie Sollars pushed incumbent, Kathy George into a fall runoff for position 1.

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