Election Results: Governor's Race

It's 8 p.m. The polls are closed. Use this space to discuss the results of the governor's race. Election results here.

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    It looks like it will be Kulongoski/Saxton race this fall.

  • Karl (unverified)

    Hill didn't do that much better than Sorensen. Doesn't look like the two of them together could have beat Kulo.-- All that soul searching- Oh well. Got to fight for Kulongoski now.

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    Ted Kulongoski 55% Jim Hill 29% Pete Sorenson 16%

    Ted's speaking now.

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    Jim Hill is speaking now. He's apparently conceded. Proud of "having said the things that had to be said." No accountability, but now that he's run, there is....


    Ted Kulongoski -81,549 - 54% Jim Hill - 4,707 - 30% Pete Sorenson - 25,221 - 16%

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    Mannix is conceding. Now it's a lovefest among the GOP to go after Ted. Mannix, Oregonians will be delighted to hear, has vowed to stay in public service. He's now telling supporters to vote for Saxton.

    Ron Saxton - 62,520 - 43% Kevin Mannix - 44,066 - 30% Jason Atkinson - 31,226 - 21%

    Question: do you think the voters will remember the weeks of negative ads or Mannix's current luv for Ron? Hibbitts, speaking on KATU now, unshockingly thinks Saxton is the bees knees and that all will be forgotten.

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    Looks like Mannix pulled a solid second place. Saxton was elected as Atkinson drained the Mannix vote. The far right still is too strong, but I still think Mannix is done as far as high statewide offices.

    Kulongoski still carried Lane by 47%, even with another Lanie in the contest.

    And here's the deal: based on the political ads I saw down this way, none of the 3 amigos - not even Ted - ran a good campaign. I think Ted needs a new ad team to make a compelling case.

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    With all the hand wringing about campaign finance, Oregon Republicans decisively rejected a candidate who was essentially bankrolled by one individual. Money speaks, but openly reported money doesn't speak as loudly as we sometimes think.

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    It probably means little, but with 528-530 precincts in on both sides, about 188K total Dems and 178K total Reps have voted in the gubernatorial races.

  • askquestions1st (unverified)

    Voter turnout way down --- so how does VBM increase turnout? Kulongoski with over 50% --- how was voting for Hill being a "realist"?

    What are the lessens for progressives?

  • David English (unverified)

    Yes, you have to laugh at the Republican love fest. Mannix says, "Oh Ron I still love you!" excuse me why I go puke

    The question is now, who will Westlund most attract voters away from Kulongoski or Saxton. You have to figure he'll attract voters from both sides, but where will he find the most support those that are liberal, conservative or middle of the road.

    Saxton is pretty middle of the road, but has taken some a more conservative stance this time around. Can Westlund convince Republicans that Saxton is the wrong guy?

  • Chris Snethen (unverified)

    Can Westlund convince Republicans that Saxton is the wrong guy?

    Saxton has got to somehow grab Atkinson's 45,000 voters AND find another 30,000+ moderates between now and November. Talk about a rock and a hard place. And that's without Westlund muddying the water. If the Christian Right stays home, and they well might, Saxton is toast.

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    Well, while we wait for the Multco update, here's the latest from the governor's race:

    Dems Ted Kulongoski - 114,769 - 54% Jim Hill - 2,887 - 30% Pete Sorenson - 35,304 - 16%

    Republican Ron Saxton - 90,161 - 43% Kevin Mannix - 62,368 - 30% Jason Atkinson - 45,831 - 22%

    Ted's 54%, if it holds, will be a good win. I still think the Westlund bid puts everything into question, but we've got a long way to go. Ted's looking a lot better than people thought he would.

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    Jim Hill - 2,887 - 30%

    mmm..Jeff what's wrong with this picture? I think you left a number out.

    Also are your numbers coming from Oregonlive?

  • LT (unverified)

    Tim Hibbits said that there is a certain percentage of Democrats Ted will have to work hard to win back. He's right about that.

    If Ted gets a totally new team and a totally new theme, he might have a chance.

    If he takes the attitude "it is between me and that evil Saxton so of course you will support me because the party establishment supports me", then Westlund will look very appealing to a large chunk of people.

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    First I want to say GOOD JOB to Jef Green and the Hill team, Stan Pullium and the Mannix team, the Sorenson and Atkinson teams and to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to support those candidates because they believed in them. Together, your efforts eclipsed those of the victors. Hats off! It's what it's all about!

    The Westlund campaign is thrilled the primary is over so we can move on with the real discussion on who is the best leader to provide affordable healthcare, stable school funding, economic opportunities for our entreprenuers and safer communities.

    Ben Westlund has a record of working across the aisle to solve real problems for real Oregonians. He isn't waiting to be elected Governor to get to work. He is already chief petitioner on two bipartisan initiatives to help solve our health care crises: HOPE initiative declares access to basic healthcare a fundamental right and sets a timeline for the legislature to extend it to every Oregonian. The Family Wellness Act adds a 60 cent cigarette tax to provide health insurance to every uninsured child in the state. Both of these petitions are circulating now, and you will also see Ben's petition circulating now that our field campaign is kicking off and we too have signed with Democracy Resources to help gather signatures.

    We have a great statewide field team: Portland, Eugene, Salem, Medford and Bend who will be building on our hard work from the last few months work that resulted in over 400 volunteers and almost 1000 donors who are supporting our efforts.

    We believe that the weak primary turn-out is a reflection that voters weren't happy with their choices, unfortunately this also hurt local measures and candidates, no coat-tails here. This is fertile ground for an independent people!

    As Steve law wrote in the Statesman Journal tonight, "Judging from early fundraising and opinion polls, Westlund figures to make this a three-person race that could go any direction."

  • TK (unverified)


    Great points and potentially compelling candidate, but the press release format doesn't fly in blogland... at least the comments sections anyway.

    If he isn't already, Ben should take the time to read and comment here at Blue Oregon and other popular local blogs. It's not that we don't appreciate SOMEONE from a campaign dropping by, but trust me, it's worth his time to press some virtual flesh. If he has already and I havent' noticed, my apology.

    Hokay, I'm done preachin'...

  • LT (unverified)

    Yeah Stacey!

    OK, you Kulongoski people, you have now seen an example of what graciousness and a problem solving attitude sound like.

    If you take what Tim Hibbits said seriously and realize you have some work to do to win over those who have a "sour taste" from the last several weeks of the campaign, this could be an intelligent general election.

    I suggest that lots of public appearances where ordinary folks are allowed to ask questions (as opposed to the way the primary was run) are in order.

    I am pro-debate. There is nothing I would like more than to see Westlund, Saxton, Kulongoski (and is Joe Keating on the ballot from the Green Party?) talk about health care, the number of unemployed and underemployed Oregonians, how to reform the tax structure (as I think it was the Sunday Oregonian said, why should voters accept the GOP line that cutting capital gains taxes is a given--how does that help those financially struggling who don't have investments?), whether the property tax is more regressive than a sales tax, why there should be a double majority requirement in the May primary, how to fund both schools and public safety, whether there should be outside audits of school district budgets and the same fine tooth comb examination of school administrator pay packages that has been given to teachers for years.

    And about PERS. This came in an email tonite from a friend who I think voted for Saxton (after considering not voting in the primary so he could sign the Westlund petition) : I never believed that it was PERS members who were responsible for any "mess" that PERS got itself into. It's too bad that some people took out their animosity about generous PERS benefits on the public employees who got the benefits. That was absolutely wrong!

    I believe Ben Westlund is capable of serious discussion of those topics. Time will tell if the major party candidates can engage in such intelligent discussion (with the general public as well as debates with each other) or if we are to be subjected to 5 months of the same sort of brainless commercials we've been seeing for the last many weeks.

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    With 956 of 1,000 precincts, the total Dems outvoted the total Republicans, by about 12K.

    All 3 candidates now are going to have to make their case, first shoring up their bases (Kulongoski & Saxton) then reaching out to others. If I were them, I'd be spending June just reaching out, travelling, asking, and listening well, before putting together the plan for the rest of the race.

    Motivating voters for the November election is gonna have to take more pzazz than what we had this spring.

  • Becky (unverified)

    I wonder what political activity Mannix will take up now to keep himself riding on the Loren Parks gravy train.

  • HB (unverified)

    Rich CorporateSon, Inc. is trying to get on the ballot too. Details are here: http://ecporegon.org/votecorporate/

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    For those of you who have little respect for the Survey USA polling, I think that they did a pretty good job this time. The forecast is from May 6-8.

    Forecast/Actual Kulongoski 49/54 Hill 25/29 Sorenson 15/16 Undecided 10/0

    Saxton 40/42 Mannix 27/30 Atkinson 18/23 Other 11/5 Undecided 4/0

  • KISS (unverified)

    I give credit to Tillamook county Jim Hill had about 1K to Ted's 1700.My stomach is full of the Big K and here goes a Demo for Saxton. No way would I vote for Manix. I hope the legislature is more even with a republican Governor. Moderate on both sides would be nice..ain't never gonna happen. So I can only hope one evens out the other.

  • MLA (unverified)

    What Ted needs to do right away is pin Saxton down as being too extreme for Oregon and make him own all his far right rhetoric before Saxton starts to move to the middle.

    He can do this with a radio campaign. It would not have to be particularly negative-just lay out repeatedly what Saxton has said about things like abortion rights, PERS, etc. then make the simple statement that Saxton is out of the mainstream.

    Most folks in the middle still do not know much about Saxton or his positions. I would bet that most of the votes he got from Republicans were folks looking for someone electable, not folks who were in love with Ron.

    Ted knows exactly how to do this because Vic Atiyeh did it brilliantly to Ted in 1982. Remember those ads that started on Labor Day: "Vic's opponent, Mr. Kulongoski, too dangerous for me. Kulongoski has proposed dangerous plant closure legislation that will ruin Oregon's economy." Any of you who lived through that campaign remember those radio ads.

    Ted needs to define Saxton before Saxton can re-define himself.

  • LT (unverified)

    First of all, Ted needs to define Ted. This is what the Oregonian quotes him as saying

    "I'm running against two Republicans, is how I look at it," Kulongoski said at his victory party, a festive affair tempered by the realization that a more difficult campaign awaits. Westlund, of Bend, recently dropped his Republican credentials. The governor said he will emphasize his plans to bring more stability to school budgets, to ensure more children are covered by health insurance and to boost the state's use of renewable energy.

    So, Ted is saying anyone who is friends with Westlund is a Republican and he doesn't want their vote?

    What is his plan to bring more stability to school budgets--something more intelligent than his sequel to the Minnis Plan he talked about last year? Does he believe the double majority should remain intact, be eliminated, be debated, be voided for primary elections (where the excuse that no one knows an election is going on is pretty thin)?

    Is he going to get the votes of single uninsured adults by talking about insurance for kids? Or doesn't he care about the votes of uninsured single adults?

    If he can talk intelligently about these topics (esp. if he talks to groups of ordinary citizens and answers questions) he has a chance.

    But if the campaign theme is "Vote for Ted, the un-Saxton, un-Westlund candidate", it will be a long year.

    And saying "define Saxton before he defines you" sounds like strategy and tactics, not communicating with citizens. If people care about health care and state trooper funding, how does that earn their votes?

    To make a straight party pitch "as a registered Dem. you owe Ted your vote because he got the nomination" is just an invitation to re-register NAV.

    The Constitution begins "we the people" and does not mention parties.

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    LT, you're not being fair.

    Read what the governor said: "I'm running against two Republicans, is how I look at it"

    And then you asked, "So, Ted is saying anyone who is friends with Westlund is a Republican and he doesn't want their vote?"

    Exactly WHAT in his statement suggest anything about anyone's friends, and his desire for anyone's vote?

    Saying that Westlund has been a Republican his entire life until he ran for governor is a simple factual statement.

  • LT (unverified)

    Actually, I liked what Steve Duin said today:

    Independent Ben Westlund can't enter the fray fast enough. Ted Kulongoski, the anemic incumbent, is running against three Republicans this fall. And Saxton has picked an interesting word -- "change" -- to hang his campaign on, given the seismic partisan shift scheduled for Capitol Hill and all points west in November. Although the scale of the GOP's midterm elections disaster is still taking shape, the Republicans are on their way out.

    Maybe it is because I grew up with a grandfather who was an anti-machine Republican and that I campaigned for Tom McCall shortly after moving here. Or that in my lifetime I have been registered in both major parties and that I have campaigned twice in my life for Indep. candidates whose names were not Nader (John B. Anderson in 1980, Brent Thompson in 1996).

    I just don't see how saying "I am campaigning against 2 Republicans" funds the state police or the schools, recognizes how many Oregonians are unemployed or underemployed (why my friend who was a Republican staffer in the 2005 session was sour on any and all candidates for Gov.), deals with health care or the environment or any other issue.

    Is Ted saying he doesn't want the votes of Republicans? Or is that just a cute soundbite because soundbites (not solutions) are what ordinary voters really want?

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