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Every two years, I run a little betting pool (no money) among my friends. This year, I'm opening it up to all of you -- my new group of friends, some known only through BlueOregon.

It's called the Punditology Challenge - and ya gotta pick the winners of 26 races around the state. Deadline is midnight tonight, and folks who enter will find out what the conventional wisdom is. (Which is usually right, except when it's wrong - and then it's spectacularly wrong.)

Dive on in. Have fun!

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    You should post the results of the last couple on the punditology site. I want to see if I'm doing better or worse as I know more and guess less. I bet I do worse the more candidates and races I'm famaliar with.

    Joe Baessler

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    I blew that badly, but Joe's post persuaded me. I'm curious if I'll do better in a few years...

  • jm (unverified)

    It would be awesome if Portlanders woke up one day and realized there was a whole rest of the state out there, and most of them care about things other than Portland city council races.

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    Hey JM -- did you even read the punditology survey? There's a Marion County judge race, a Salem City Council race, a Lane County Commission race, the 2nd Congressional District....

    I polled quite a few folks around the state asking for tips on hot local races 'round the state.

    Which ones did I miss?

  • JM (unverified)


    I did read the survey, and it seems heavily Portland-centric. I understand that it has the most races, the most people, the most Democrats, and probably the most BlueOregon participants. But if you're going to do the Portland races, down to council and judge, you could also do the Jackson County Commissioner's race. Or the race for East Lane County Commissioner. Or the race for Eugene City Council. Or the race for Lane County Circuit Court, where there's a race for the first time in 14 years, and an interesting 4 way race, at that.

    I probably overreacted initially, but those of us from the Southern Part of the state have become sensitized to being crapped on, and frankly, don't have much interest in judicial races or council races in Portland. You could even it out with races that Portlanders don't care about, or take those races out of it entirely.

    Overall I think this was great, and fun. My comments, while focused on the survey, were spurred by a broader pattern. I would just encourage Portlanders to try to think about the whole state from time to time. It would be a good thing for the state and a good thing for Oregon's Democrats.


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