Sten Wins Outright; More Numbers

Here's the latest vote counts on the close races. These include early morning results from Clackamas and Multnomah Counties, and the late-night results from Washington County.

Portland City Council
49832 Erik Sten - 50.63%
26980 Ginny Burdick - 27.41%
13236 Dave Lister - 13.45%

Multnomah County Commission
9298 Jeff Cogen
7854 Lew Frederick
6139 Gary Hansen
3852 Xander Patterson

SD 24
4078 Rod Monroe
3902 Jesse Cornett

HD 27
1890 Tobias Read
1738 Mike Bohan

  • anonymous (unverified)

    So according to the Mercury post, and the implication in this story, Washington County has not finished counting all their ballots. Does that mean Bohan still has a chance against Read?

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    Seems to me that it could still be anybody's game in HD 27.

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    But that's just a hunch, not a number-crunching analysis.

  • David (unverified)

    My guess is Tobias hangs on, although I don't think it'll be official til a week or so from now. I think Mike will, as he should, request a recount. I think whomever wins, although I personally am a Read supporter, I will happily work my ass off for either of these two fine men this fall so we can beat the Horseradish king, aka Dominic Biggi.

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    I was so happy when I woke up this morning and saw channel 12 reporting Jesse at 62%. Why did they do that to me? Damn Fox news!!!

  • Marc Zolton (unverified)

    Kari: is reporting the following from Multnomah County Elections:

    The Sten-Burdick results were not final. John Kauffman, Multnomah County's elections division director, said his office still has about 3,500 ballots to process plus an unknown number of ballots to come from other counties with small pockets of Portland residents.

    Many of the 3,500 ballots were unable to be processed through the counting equipment and will have to be duplicated and reprocessed, Kauffman said this morning.

    Kauffman said it is unlikely that the final results will be known today. "We have 20 days after the election before we can certify," he said.

    Therefore, it may not be over. Over.

  • David (unverified)

    New HD 27 Update. Aggregated results:

    Read: 2641. Bohan: 2547.

    Damn that's close.

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    Am I crazy or does this say what I think it says?

  • LMAO (unverified)

    Erik Sten, author of the Voter Owned Elections ordinance, was the only winning candidate to receive VOE taxpayer provided funding.

    Hmmmmm. He designed a program with sufficient complexity that both Lucinda Tate and Emilie Boyles received legal disqualification. Amanda Fritz (the only other participating candidate) wastrounced by a bland incumbent, despite "spending parity". And Commissioner Sten cruises past the finish line, with a smile and a wink. Voter Owned Elections worked just fine by his standard.

  • activist kaza (unverified)

    oh puhleez LMAO! Fritz refused to take further matching funding (kudos to her for integrity) and we know how incompetent/pathetic both Boyles and Tate were.

    The bigger question that inquiring minds want to know - will Cornett and/or Bohan request a recount???

  • LMAO (unverified)

    I thought VOE was supposed to level the playing field?

    Three female candidates applied for VOE funds, and two were denied. The third had her political head handed to her on a VOE sponsored yard sign.

    Emilie Boyles ostensibly qualified, but then she was asked to refund the $145,000 of taxpayer funds (plus a penalty) due to improper expenditures. Auditor Blackmer made no mention of signature fraud, instead referring it to the PPB (who passed) and the State Attorney General.

    Lucinda Tate was ostensibly disqualifed on a technicality. In fact, it seems evident she engaged in the same signature fraud as Ms. Boyles.

    Amanda Fritz qualified for (and was permitted to keep) the $145,000 of taxpayer funding. Nevertheless, she was defeated 2:1 by an incumbent who voluntarily capped his own spending and ran a lackluster campaign. I'll bet Saltzman could have won this race if he was campaigning in Maui.

    Remind me again who was supposed to benefit from taxpayer funding of City Elections? Women, minorities, and those who lack affluent political backers, right? But Sten and Saltzman both win in the primary round?


  • anonymous (unverified)

    Looks like Bohan is inching closer. Gained 17 in latest count in Washington County. Now at 77 votes difference best I can tell.

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    Actually LMAO, we were ALL to benefit from VOE. We knew that Sten and Fritz were especially beholden to no one for their support, and that they ran corruption-free campaigns. We knew that Boyles and Tate were not viable candidates because they couldn't read City code documentation very well (which I hear is useful if you want to be on Council). We knew that without money--public OR private--Dave Lister would have to fight tooth and nail for the media to consider him a viable candidate. We knew that Dan would limit his spending and cap contributions. And we knew that Ginny Burdick was the candidate who was backed by big money rather than average Portlanders.

    It's actually pretty awesome how much we learned about the candidates because of VOE.

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    Ditto, torridjoe.

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    The point behind VOE is to open up the process, not to ensure a particular result. In my view their are some pretty clear results:

    1) Even though not using VOE, Dan Saltzman moderated the size and total of his contributions.

    2) Dan had to speak to his record in a large number of forums.

    3) Contributors to VOE came from almost every neighborhood in the city, while there are several dozen neighborhoods that don't appear on the C&E's for Ginny, Dan or Dave.

  • LMAO (unverified)

    2 out of 4 candidates (Boyles & Tate) presenting 1000+ signatures were disqualified/denied VOE funding.

    The only challenger who qualified for VOE funds received less than half as many votes as the incumbent. We all know that Amanda Fritz was a hard working, immensely qualified candidate. If she can't beat an incumbent with a lackluster record, who can?

    The only winning VOE recipient was it's author, Erik Sten.

    If the B/O faithful were supporting the challenger, you WOULD BE SCREAMING FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Imagine if Karen Minnis had designed this system, and it resulted in the reelection of ALL THE incumbents.

    Now imagine if all the incumbents up for reelection were REPUBLICANS! Would y'all be saying it just needs time to work itself out? If you answered yes, you're lying.

    Nobody has even tried to refute the simple fact that it's IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT AN INCUMBENT WITHOUT SPENDING MORE MONEY THAN THE INCUMBENT.

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