Turn off your computer. Go help a campaign.

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There are only two more weekends before the primary election is over. What's the most important thing you can do to help make progressive change this weekend?

Hint: it ain't reading BlueOregon.

So, pick a candidate that you think is worthy of election. Just about every single one of them is going to be knocking on doors this weekend talking to voters. It's easy, it's fun, the weather is good, and you'll get some exercise (body and brain).

Turn off the computer. Pick up the phone. Call a candidate. Offer to help. Do something.

  • Seth (unverified)

    Help win over the ONLY OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT in Oregon!!

    Come out to Hillsboro, this race is our best chance!

    David needs your help this Sunday, May 7th. We are going to host another local community walk. We will be meeting at the Godfather's Pizza on the corner of Baseline and Cornelius Pass Rd at 2pm for some training before going out, door to door. After canvassing we will return for dinner (on us!). This is the best way to help David's Campaign. We know that we are going to be out-spent by the opposition and therefore we have to make up that lost ground with grassroots campaigning. Please let us know if you can come support David next weekend!

    Come make a difference and bring a friend! This will be our last canvass before the primary election so come out and help with our last big push in May.

    We also have many other opportunities to help. There are lawn signs and data entry that need to be finished and we are always looking for help with out Neighbor to Neighbor project (Simply identify 10-20 people that you know who are committed to voting for David). I encourage you to reply and let us know if David can count of your support!




    p.s. Remember, we will be talking to frequent Democratic voters and therefore in friendly territory and if you are not able to make it next Sunday, David walks on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday every week and is always looking for someone to join him.

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    Excellent suggestion, Seth.

    I'd encourage other campaigns to post this weekend's volunteer opportunities here in this space, too.

  • Lee Ann Donaldson (unverified)

    Help keep our open DEMOCRATIC seat in House District 34.

    Suzanne Bonamici is having a canvass tomorrow May 6th at 12 o'clock noon. We will have a brief training and then be out knocking on doors. We will be knocking on friendly doors as well.

    Meet at 4836 SW Western Ave. Beaverton, OR 97005.

    Map here.

    Please call me (Lee Ann Donaldson) at 503-336-3722 if you want to join us.

    If you can't make it this Saturday, we'll be going out Saturday the 13th starting at 1pm. Suzanne also walks during the weekdays, so if you've got an evening free- join us!



    Lee Ann

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    Help take back rural Oregon

    Sal Peralta here. This weekend, I will be campaigning in McMinnville and Amity Oregon and could use a little help with my canvasses:

    On Saturday from 10am to 1 pm, I will be canvassing in Amity Oregon on behalf of my campaign, and the Amity Police Bond. This bond issue will help keep a third policeman on the beat in Amity. Meet at the police station in Amity, Oregon at 9:45.

    On Sunday from 2-5 pm, we'll be canvassing in McMinnville's precinct 17 and 18. Meet at 1:30 at my home: 2381 Grenfell Loop.

    This is a great opportunity to help turn the tide in rural Oregon.

    For more information, please visit my campaign web site: VoteSal.com

  • Lupita Maurer, WCDCC Chair (unverified)

    David Edwards is an impressive human being. The Democratic Party couldn't have asked for a better candidate to represent us. He is a devoted father and husband, a talented businessman, and an amazing activist. We support him and will fight for him until he gets elected next November.

    He will make us proud.

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    Tomorrow the Erik Sten campaign is having a major Get Out the Vote Action Day and as many volunteers as possible are needed. It is the last "big" push before the May 16th voting deadline AND IT WILL BE FUN....AND WE ARE ONLY ASKING FOR THREE HOURS OF YOUR TIME.

    WHERE: AFSCME Union Hall 6025 E. Burnside (60th and E. Burnside/Bus 20 or MAX to 60th St Station) WHEN: Saturday, May 6th 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. (We have another shift at 1-4 p.m. Saturday and we will also be running crews out of the campaign office (1724 NE Broadway) on Sunday May 7th 10-1 and 1-4.) WHO: Former Mayor Clark, Former Commissioner Gretchen Kafoury, Erik and about 100 of his closest friends. WHAT: Lit Drops, Canvassing, Phone Banking and Visibility (e.g., waving signs); and Fun, Food and Entertainment.

    Call if you have any questions (503-284-7836) or get more info here.

    I'd also like to encourage Dave Lister supporters to disregard this post by spending as much time as possible online making Opie cracks over at bojack's. Also, Burdick supporters should take advantage of the great weather by visiting their beach or Sun River vacation homes.

  • Kristin Wallace (unverified)

    BRAD AVAKIAN Weekend Phone-A-Thon

    Forget your legs I want your voice! Thousands of people have already cast their vote--it's time to call those remaining. Every educational group, union, environmental, and pro-choice organization that has made endorsements chose Brad!

    When: Two Shifts Saturday 11AM-2PM & 3PM-6PM Where: Beaverton Education Association
    1890 NW 173rd in Beaverton Contact: 503 626-8069

    P.S. My favorite quote of the week came from AFSCME, "Sometimes it takes a four letter word to be heard--VOTE!!"

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    Volunteer for Jeff Cogen!

    The Cogen for Commissioner campaign is welcoming volunteers for phonebanking, doorbelling and assorted politiking every day from now until May 16th. We're flexible and Kid & Dog friendly, so call us today or stop by our headquarters to help out: 2307 NE Broadway.

    Not only will you help elect a great new Multnomah County Commissioner, you won't feel the least bit guilty when you come to our 7:00 election night party at Hannah Bea's Poundcake (3969 NE MLK). Mmmmmm....poundcake....

    Marissa Friends of Jeff Cogen 503-249-1571

  • The Terz (unverified)

    Larry and I are both generally quiet, reserved individuals. Lately, though, we've been trying to come out of our shells a bit.

    How, you ask intently? Why, it's simple!! We knock on a door. And, then: we knock on the next door. And after that, . . . well. You get the idea.

    Ok, now, caaallllm down. I can't handle all of these phone calls at once! People, the posting isn't even over yet. Sheesh!! Since some of you have even already showed up at the office, I should start handing out turf.

    For those of you who need another 30 mins or so to get off the couch, change out of your sweats and brush your teeth (please!), why don't you just give us a call.


  • Bette Prickett (unverified)

    I am so excited that David Edwards is running for State Rep. in House District 30. A homegrown Hillsboro-ite that has gone through the Hillsboro school system, and now has children going to Hillsboro schools. I know David will do an exceptional job representing our district, not using it just as a stepping stone in his political career(which the current Rep. is doing), but because he actually cares about Oregon. David will make a difference in Oregon for all of us. He has outstanding credentials and a load of experience, even though he is only 39! I urge you to help make a difference in Washington county by supporting David, and perhaps volunteering. I will be doing some data input for the campaign - there's a spot for all of us!!

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    "Only 39".... that makes him an oldie compared to most of the 2006 crop of House Dem candidates!

  • Patrick Sieng (unverified)

    On Saturday May 6th from 1pm-4pm, join Chuck Lee, the Lee campaign team, and Representative Mike Schaufler to spread our message out to the citizens of Newberg!

    Date: Saturday, May 6 Time: 1pm-4pm Meet: Francis Square (99W/College) in Downtown Newberg Bring: yourself and two friends! Salem/Keizer Carpool: Meet at Chuck's House (3445 Willamette Dr N, Keizer) at noon RSVP: Call 503-799-8280 or e-mail: [email protected]

    Click HERE to read more about Representative Mike Schaufler

  • Nathan Barkus (unverified)

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the forum, Kari.

    The Ben Cannon campaign is also in full swing this weekend and next:. We're in a five-way competitive primary and every vote matters, so we could really use your help!

    -Canvassing and lit drops on Saturday May 6th starting at 1pm (or whenever your cinqo de mayo hangover wears off).

    -Phone banking on Sunday too and we could use more volunteer help on most evenings next week!

    Sign up online here or call me (nate) at 503-236-4078. Help put Ben over the top!

  • Nathaniel Applefield (unverified)

    Jesse Cornett, the co-founder of the Oregon Bus Project and BlueOregon, is running for State Senate and he needs your help to win. Jesse got into this Democratic primary for all the right reasons, and his opponent is a seasoned veteran. Go here for the back story. With just 9 weeks, Jesse has run a grassroots sprint campaign that would rival most 4 month campaigns. Jesse Cornett is one of you - a politico and blogger. Let's send him to Salem!

    Here’s what you can do to help: · Join Jesse for a canvass this Saturday the 6th at Noon (or if you can’t make it then, call to arrange another time) · Come by for Get-Out-The-Vote phone banks on the 7th, 13th, and 15th. · Sign up to be an Election Day captain starting at 6am on Election Day (the 16th)

    Sign up here or call 503-255-2040

    If you want to make a difference in Salem, ACT NOW!



  • Meredith Shield (unverified)

    Sam Chase The State Senate Countdown! Sam has done an amazing job in such a short period of time. He has hit amost every door in the district and now needs your help!

    Come join the crew!

    Door to door – Volunteer Saturday May 6th. We will be canvassing from 10-1 PM. It’s a great way to support the race. Please give Meredith Shield at call at 971-221-3201 to sign up or visit www.samchase.org

    Phone Banking- Sam, a pizza and volunteers. Sounds Dreamy right? Come join us all next week from Monday May 8th to Thursday May 11th. We will be calling voters un the evening.

    Election Day- 6 AM Visibility! See you on the streets!

  • anon (unverified)


    Donde esta "Punditocracy"?

  • Ali Jackiw (unverified)

    Welcoming volunteers to help re-elect Dan Saltzman!

    Want to make your favorite city commissioner smile? Come help us canvass, phone bank, or wave banners during rush hour traffic!

    This weekend we'll be canvassing on Sun. 5/7- meet at 1800 SW 1st Ave. (campaign headquarters) at 11. We'll give you breakfast, a buddy, and a map! Phone banking is next Wed. 5/10, 6-9 PM, and banner waving will take place at strategic high-traffic areas on Mon. 5/15 and Tues. 5/16.

    Call the campaign office for more details, and hopefully we'll see you soon!

    Ali Jackiw Friends of Dan Saltzman 503-224-5160

  • Trevor (unverified)

    Come Canvass With Mike

    After canvassing on Saturday with Chuck Lee, Mike Schaufler and friends will be taking to the streets to raise his profile in HD 48 (Happy Valley & SE Portland).

    Meet us at 12:00 noon on Suday May 7th at:

    Earl Boyles Elementary School 10822 SE Bush Street (one block south of Powell) PDX

    Busy? There's always next week. Meet us next Saturday the 13th at 10:00 am at the same place -- Earl Boyles Elementary School. It'll be fun. I promise. Send me an email if you're interested.

    Thanks everybody,

    Trevor [email protected] www.mikeschaufler.com

  • Aron (unverified)

    I held a house party. For David Edwards. We have raised money. For David Edwards. I have a lawn sign. For David Edwards. My friends now have them too. I've written to my friends and family. About David Edwards. I've done Data entry for David Edwards. And I walked a BIG R precinct with David Edwards. (He is dynamic at the door!)

    This is how much I believe in David Edwards. He can't win without our help. This district NEEDS someone that represents us. That isn't afraid to meet with the constituents. A life-long resident of the community. I knew, the first time I met him, that he has what it takes to be my next State Representative. And I'm betting you will too.

    We all hate those recorded phone calls. The personal visit, with your own testimonial, makes the difference everytime. The first door is the hardest. The first time someone says "You can count on my support." makes it all worth it.

    I'm a daily BlueOregon Reader, and I appreciate how you provide readers with the links to get the facts for analysis. I've done my own research. David Edwards is worth our time! Bookmark: edwards2006.com and then VOLUNTEER.

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    David Edwards is a great candidate. But he doesn't have a primary opponent. Any work done now is a dress rehearsal for the fall.

    I'd encourage folks to go volunteer for a campaign where the primary election outcome matters now.

  • Bree Davis (unverified)

    David Edwards is an awesome candidate! The personal time and devotion he has given to this campaign has amazed me. He really does want the best for this community...the community he grew up in. He is also fun to volunteer for if you're looking =0). David Edwards David Edwards David Edwards...just so you remember his name. Do some research then come out and participate in the process!



  • Brant (unverified)

    David does not have a primary, but this, in my mind, is the most important house race in Oregon this election cycle. It could turn out to be the most important race period.

    This is not just a "dress rehearsal for the fall." When people vote for a candidate in the primary, they are 95% likely to vote for them again in November.

    If we can get a high turnout for David now, we can focus on independents and moderate republicans for the general.

    This is the best way to get David elected. Secure the base first, then hit the undecided voters.

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    I encourage everyone to head over to the Multnomah County Democrats' 15th Annual Dick Celsi Awards Banquet Saturday evening. This is our largest fundraiser of the year, and will bring in the funds that we'll use to work in areas like Galizio's district and the districts east of I-205.

    We're going to have a lot of fun-- great jazz music, really good food (and a free drink), and auction items you wouldn't believe.

    There are meals with elected officials (how about breakfast at the firehouse with Randy or a lunch with Kate Brown, Erik Sten, or Jeff Merkley), a bike ride with Tom Potter, a bowtie from Earl Blumenauer, a villa in Italy, and more.

    We also have great raffle items-- one is a mixed case of high-end wines and the other is a book of restaurant coupons.

    So go spend your morning and afternoon helping out some of our great candidates in the area (including my buddy Sal), and then come have a great evening with the Multnomah County Democrats.

    You can find full details at www.multdems.org/celsi

  • Rose Treemont (unverified)


    I am surprised that you are discouraging people to walk in an R district for a great D candidate. David Edwards needs to reach everyone in that district and with our help he can. I am so proud I get to vote for him and I encourage everyone to come out and canvass for him.

    On the greater goal of winning back the house we need to support our challengers a great deal. Most D's with primaries are in districts that will go D anyway. Let's work for the best progressive candidates and that includes David Edwards and any of those who don't have primary challengers but are in it for the long run.

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    But the fact that it'll go D anyway just says that we need to work our hardest to make sure the best D gets into office.

    It isn't enough just to put a D in office. We need to make sure the person who will do the best job in the elected position for their district/area covered gets elected.

  • Jason (unverified)

    It doesnt matter how good the Ds in the house if we dont have a majority. We need David Edwards to get that majority.

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    We need a handful of seats to get a majority. Those can come from several places, including Rob Brading, David Edwards, Jean Cowan, Sal Peralta, and Jill Selman-Ringer.

    We have seats all over the state that we are contesting, as well as seats that are in close districts that we're working hard to hold onto.

    And house candidates aren't the only ones with contested primaries-- we also have them in state senate seats, county commission seats, city council, and more. Not to mention the governor's race.

    Many are focusing on seats that have contested primaries where they want to make sure a certain candidate wins. Once the primary is over, they'll focus on the important races in November.

  • Wesley Charles (unverified)


    And house candidates aren't the only ones with contested primaries-- we also have them in state senate seats, county commission seats, city council, and more.

    I assume from your context and background, by "we," you mean the Multnomah County Democrats. But the last time I checked, the county commission and city council are nominally "nonpartisan."

    Yes, I know "nonpartisan" is a mere formality since the last Republican to serve on the county board hailed from your blustery part of the county: Gordon Shadburne (1979-1986). What a freak he turned out to be. Even Lonnie Roberts, a frequent guest with Lars is a blue collar Democrat with little use for the Rainbow Coalition.

    But you're right about those contested House seats. I still believe McCain-Merkley (47) and Brading-Minnis (49) will be the two most hotly contested races east of the KGON tower.

    • Wes
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    No, I meant "we" in the general sense of we as voters. While the position may be nonpartisan, the candidates are still a member of a party. There are a lot of great Dems out there running for nonpartisan offices.

    And I'd said contested races-- not contested partisan races.

    A lot of the volunteers right now are working on the contested seats from city council to governor. I talk to people every day who are working on one of the city council races. There are a lot of contested primary races out there, and many prefer to work on them now and then focus on November the moment the polls close.

  • Ramon (unverified)

    Do something for a candidate.

    Just hope your candidate doesn't end up doing <aref="http: www.projo.com="" sharedcontent="" videoplayer="" videoplayer.php?vidid="63647&amp;catId=291"">this!

    [Note: The content provider may ask for registration - you may visit www.bugmenot.com - it's worth it.]

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    Regarding this remark: I'd encourage folks to go volunteer for a campaign where the primary election outcome matters now.

    What Jenni said and I know that you're aware that FuturePAC, SEIU, OLCV, and many other purse string holders use the primary results to determine how to direct their funds.

    Our candidate Suzanne VanOrman was given benchmarks for the primary a while back, and we have been dead serious about meeting them even though she is unopposed in the primary.


    I'm kicking myself daily that I haven't been able to assist Jesse Cornett, Sal Peralta, Jim Robison, and others, but I am pretty much fully occupied out here. We're doing DTV, GOTV, signs, calls, canvasses, and all of the other stuff so that our candidate might be deemed worthy of attention in the general.

    Oh, Yeah, our race has to be the most important house race in the state just like everyone else's........

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    You're right, Pat, it's true that a number of major funders use primary outcomes to make decisions.

    That said, I happen to think (and others are perfectly welcome to disagree with me) that if I'm going to spend a day working for a candidate, the better use of my time is out getting votes that will determine the winner of a race that I care about -- not getting votes that will determine funding of a race whose outcome will be determined 5.5 months from now.

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    That said, I happen to think (and others are perfectly welcome to disagree with me) that if I'm going to spend a day working for a candidate, the better use of my time is out getting votes that will determine the winner of a race that I care about -- not getting votes that will determine funding of a race whose outcome will be determined 5.5 months from now.


    Some of us need to be running strong now, and for the next 5.5 months to have a real chance to win in November. I don't think it's very helpful of you to discourage people from working on any campaign during the primary season.

    • Sal

    By the way, we knocked on 600 doors this morning in Amity.

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    Congrats! Keep up the great work.

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    And once all this great primary doorknocking and gotv-ing is done (even for uncontested primaries), everyone can enjoy a terrific event on May 20th and 21st to gear up for a fantastic summer of taking our state and country back. Come to the DFO Summit and celebrate!

    (PS. Nice job, Sal! Was that all the doors?)

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    Only a fraction of the 600 doors today were for my campaign. The primary reason we were out was to help Amity keep 3 police officers on the beat. Thanks to federal budget cuts, due to Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, they need to raise a local bond to keep their full staff. One more reason why the last round of Bush tax cuts hurt working people in this country.

  • Rox (unverified)
    <h2>Well, I can tell you I have now received SPAM from a few people campaigning for various candidates...and I am not voting for anyone I get spam from.</h2>

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