Zingers from the Willamette Week

Jeff Alworth

As noted in the open discussion below, the Willamette Week came out with their primary election endorsements today (tardily, as it happens--hey guys, how about putting this out before the ballots arrive?).  There were some surprises (Mary Lou Hennrich in HD 46, Ted Wheeler for County Chair) and some yawners (Earl in CD 3!), but mostly, there was pretty entertaining commentary.  WW sometimes looks as if its trying too hard to be hip and irreverent, but not when they cover politics.  I always look forward to the endorsements issue, and today's doesn't disappoint.  Here are a few of their more interesting observations.  I'll turn the comments off--give your feedback directly to the WW.

Democratic Primary for Governor

"Kulongoski's two primary opponents, former state treasurer Jim Hill and Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson, blast the incumbent for lack of vision, a weak environmental record and a list of accomplishments shorter than the fuse on Sean Penn's temper.

"They're right. And yet the guv's our choice in this primary."

City Commissioner, Position 2

"Which brings us back to [Erik] Sten. He has made some errors and will make more, given his willingness to blaze political trails. But make no mistake: He possesses the most independent, most creative mind in Portland politics. If there is a defining race in this region this election, this is it."

First Congressional District

[On David Wu, whom the paper endorsed]  "A word of advice for the next time a four-term congressman wants our endorsement. When you're asked what your biggest accomplishment has been this session, don't answer "the number of school visits I've made.''

Multnomah County Chair

"[Diane] Linn may very well be the most unfit elected official in Multnomah County since Bible-thumping, gay-baiting Commissioner Gordon Shadburne."

Senate District 17

"[Sam] Chase strikes us (and fellow endorsers ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber and former Democratic House Leader Deborah Kafoury) as a smart vote for breaking through the biennial legislative logjam and standing up to special interests."

Senate District 24

"The two [Rod Monroe and Jesse Cornett] agree that their votes in Salem would be almost identical. Monroe says he is running again because "it gets in your blood.'' Time for a transfusion. Cornett is the fresher choice."

House District 44

"And [Mark Kirchmeier's] willingness to reach across the much-vaunted urban-rural divide is essential for Portland lawmakers when it comes time to cash in a chit for their constituents."


"A third candidate, former Multnomah County Democratic Party chairman Jim Robison, lacks his two opponents' chops."  [Ouch!--ed.]

House District 46

"The choice here comes down to the potential of [Ben] Cannon, a 29-year-old Bus Project whippersnapper who teaches at the Arbor School, or the experience of [Mary Lou] Hennrich, who is currently the director of Community Health Care Partnership and previously ran CareOregon, which provides health insurance for 95,000 Oregonians (before that, she ran Multnomah County's health clinics).

"In this one, we'll take experience over potential."


"The sheriff [Bernie Giusto] is so confident of re-election that the only contributor on his most recent campaign fund-raising report is Jeddeloh's soon-to-be-ex-wife, Lee Doss, who now goes by her maiden name. Let's shake Giusto awake. Write in [Paul] Van Orden."

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