Beating the Heat

It was 92 degrees in Portland yesterday, and it's supposed to crack the century mark today and tomorrow.  That is, of course, cool compared to Medford, where the forecast is for 107 today and tomorrow, and 102 on Tuesday.  As of noon, it was pushing 90 in the Willamette Valley.  You might beat the heat by heading to Newport (66 now, projected high of 70), but short of that, how do you plan on handling the heat?


  • LT (unverified)

    The old standbys for those of us without air conditioning: when the air is cooler outside (early morning and evening) have the windows open and the fans on --we have an outside thermometer and one in the family room to know when that is. Close all doors, windows, curtains to keep out hot weather in the middle of the day and stay indoors or head somewhere cool --outdoors by water, indoors someplace air conditioned. Check up on family, friends and neighbors to make sure they aren't having problems.

    Secondly, iced tea, lemonade, and water are great for keeping hydrated. Water can be boiled in a microwave to brew tea and one combination we really like is green tea with fresh mint.

  • really (unverified)

    I've been out canvassing all day so far. It is rather warm, isn't it?

  • Zarathustra (unverified)

    If you savor the heat rather than trying to beat it, it is really rather less irritating. I'd rather be hot than cold anyday. Of course those that have managed their weight have rather a definite advantage.

  • DeanOR (unverified)

    I'll be sitting here on my big fat behind in my air-conditioned office pontificating about Iraq.

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    I always love comments like the one above about managing your weight.

    Yea, sure there are plenty of people who are overweight and could be much thinner. But there are also those who, thanks to genetics and other health-related reasons, can't get thinner. However, in our society we seem to treat them all the same-- as fat people who are lazy, just don't care, eat junk food all the time, etc.


    Personally, I'd be out swimming in the pool and possibly hanging out in the office where it's much cooler than our place.

    However, thanks to my allergies being so bad these past few weeks, I haven't been eating as much as I should. Which led to my blood sugar being too low for a few days... which always leads to low blood pressure. It all hit me yesterday morning as I was getting ready to go canvass for Rob Brading, and I passed out.

    So I'm spending my time indoors, under my ceiling fan, sipping on orange juice and ice (I know I'm weird, but I love ice in my orange juice), and getting some work done.

    I sure will be glad when cooler weather comes back-- I moved out of Texas for a reason. I take after the part of my family that's from northern Germany and Russia-- and my body's just not built for this heat. Unlike my husband, who was born in Vietnam and thrives when it's hot.

  • NNW (unverified)

    You've got to be kidding me. What a joke!!!

    All that's going on in the world, and I come to Blue Oregon and you have posted this???

  • jami (unverified)

    guilt-free option: lots of lemonade and ice cream and staying indoors moving as little as possible.

    guiltier: driving out to the sandy river or the beach at sauvie island, pumping co2 into an atmosphere that seemingly needs it very little.

    but the heat's really not so awful. i headed out to look at some heritage trees on my bike this afternoon, and two of my housemates treated me like i was sure to die an agonizing death. the third was too inert on the couch to comment.

  • Michael the Lib (unverified)

    It must be 130 degrees in Baghdad. Add a 70lb back pack, then a tin pot to wear and armor, etc. Its a bit warm over there. Yea we are suffering just having to pay for it. 'Course we could be in the streets protesting, but that's way too much work on a warm day. M.

  • random (unverified)

    Avel Gordly switched to an Independent today. That's hot. Almost 100 degrees even.

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    Actually, there are peace/Iraq War related events every Tue, Wed, and Friday, including rallies and a counter recruiting vigil outside of one of the military recruiting offices. There may be more, but those are the ones I'm aware of in Portland.

    Saturdays and Sundays are often used to go out and canvass for candidates.

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    Easy people... just a little patience sometimes will bring you more content.

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    I put a beer bottle in the freezer sometime in the afternoon and take it out a half-hour to 45 minutes later. When I do that, I put another bottle in.

    Because you know it, there's nothing like an ice cold beer on a hot day.

    Otherwise, I just go about my business as usual, though with less clothing.

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    ll that's going on in the world, and I come to Blue Oregon and you have posted this???

    For most people I know, yesterday's temperature dwarfed everything else. No reason to ignore the obvious, is there?

    But here's one way to make it topical: in Portland, the previous high on June 25 was 96 degrees. The previous high temperature for all the Junes on record was 100. Today we're gonna set another record--actually, smash it. Does anyone have that sinking feeling about global warming during hot snaps like this?

  • jami (unverified)

    jeff a., a vivid image of al gore's co2 graph with its horrible spike kept flashing in my head yesterday, along with the temperature graph that's dipped and peaked right along with it for hundreds of thousands of years.

    today i'm cold. too much a.c., too little sleeve. i wonder if my comfort is releasing co2 or killing salmon. today'd be a good day for solar panels.

  • Jennifer W. (unverified)

    Don't confuse weather with climate. Big difference.

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    Don't confuse weather with climate.

    Well, they're not synonyms, but they're also not wholly unconnected.

  • Zarathustra (unverified)

    always love comments like the one above about managing your weight.

    Yea, sure there are plenty of people who are overweight and could be > much thinner... and a lot more defensive stuff.

    Let's be clear- you're saying that a pat on the back for those that have done something positive is offensive to you? How was the original post in any way a criticism of what you have or haven't chosen to manage? It's a plus for those who have. Wasn't talking to you.

    General rant:

    Would people on this blog that call themselves progressive please, explicitly point out the constant, implied link between a given solution and a threat to your lifestyle. This is supposed to be a blog where progressive ideas are discussed. For many that means just what it says and means that all bona fide, workable, sustainable solutions to a problem may and should be suggested. If someone reads that as, "if we did that, I'd have to change something ...", you need to state that before condemning the idea. When I'm telling people to change, there's no question about it, never an implied negative.

    Actually, I did end up enjoying the heat. One day kitty and I took our anual bath, sans hot water, and the other I took the common old 17-Holgate bus to a stop at the base of the Ridge Trail in Forest Park and hiked up to some old growth forest where it was 81 degrees.

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