Friday: a convenient time for some inconvenient truth

GoreplanetOn Friday, the Al Gore documentary An Inconvienent Truth opens in Portland. (See Charlie Burr's review on BlueOregon and see a trailer at

The 7:00 showing at the Fox Tower in Portland has already sold out, and they've just added an 8:00 showing. [UPDATE: The 8:00 show has SOLD OUT. But, they've added a 7:30 show! So, sign up for that one...]

Here at BlueOregon HQ, we've been thinking that it might be fun to get a bunch of BlueOregon contributors, commenters, and readers together for the film.

We won't make it into a big deal, but if you want join the rest of the gang here - head on over to Fandango and pick up tix now.

If you can't make it at 8:00 - be sure to see it opening weekend. A big open drives everything in the movie business. Helps put it in more theaters, drives media coverage, etc.

(Oh, and if any of the non-Portland folks want to organize a viewing in your area - just let us know when and where in the comments.)


  • theanalyst (unverified)

    An Inconvenient Location

    Looking at the Fandando movie schedule, it seems that the only place showing the movie is Regal Fox Tower. This means that it is an "exclusive engagement" -- which, being interpreted, means that it is not playing anywhere within twelve miles of Gresham, you have to pay for both the movie and parking, and navigate around sold-out showings.

    Other Regal theaters make you watch a bunch of TV-like commercials before the movie starts. Does Regal Fox do that too, or have they realized how much people hate that? The old lady and I stopped going to Regal theaters a few years ago for that reason. Getting cranky in our old age, I guess.

    Looks like we'll be renting this at the video store six months from now.

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    Or you could chat with your fellow BlueOregonians while they're trying to show you The 2wenty.

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    Incidentally, documenataries almost always open in limited release. As far as we've come technologically, they're still printing hard copies of film reels for distribution. If I remember right, it's $2000 to $3000 per printed film reel.

    So, documentaries are usually released as a limited run, with rolling open dates across the country. Studios generally don't want to risk spending a milllion bucks producing enough reels for just another 500 screens.

    That's partly why the opening weekends are so important -- it convinces the studio (in this case, Paramount) to produce more reels and spend more on promotion.

  • Richard (unverified)

    You could all take an Inconvenient Hockey Stick to show support for the Inconvenient false curve.

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    As I wrote in my post on Friday, I had to see a chance to see this movie late last week. Again, I strongly, strongly recommend it -- and not just because of the subject matter.

    It's one of the better documentaries I've seen in a while, and its strength as a film kind of gets lost in the discussion. Certainly parts of it are difficult to watch, but this isn't one to miss if you get the chance.

  • Travis (unverified)

    How would I go about organizing a viewing? Being a student at the UO we can rent out huge auditoriums for $50 to show a movie. The UO College Dems could pretty easily setup a viewing if somebody wants to e-mail me and tell me how to get the film to show.

    -Travis Smith VP UO College Dems

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    I've been told it will be showing at a Century theater as well. However, I haven't been able to confirm that.

    According to the movie's web site, these places are showing the film in Oregon:

    OR Ashland 06/30/06 Varsity 97520 OR Bend 06/30/06 Pilot Butte 6 97702 OR Corvalis 06/30/06 Darkside 97330 OR Eugene 06/30/06 Bijou 97401 OR Portland 06/09/06 Fox Tower 97205 OR Salem 06/30/06 Salem Cinema 97301

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    I got a "server error" on the link to Fandango. Can you correct it? I would love to see the movie at 8 p.m. Friday.

  • Ed Bickford (unverified)

    Going to Fandango's home page gets you a notificaion that the website is down for maintenance overnight.

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    This means that it is an "exclusive engagement" -- which, being interpreted, means that it is not playing anywhere within twelve miles of Gresham, you have to pay for both the movie and parking, and navigate around sold-out showings.

    Take the MAX. It goes right past the Fox Tower. Cheaper than parking and less walking. You can discuss the movie over a couple of beers and not have to worry about your blood alcohol level when you are ready to head for home.

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    Update: The 8:00 show is now sold out. But, they've just added a 7:30 show! So, go hit that one!

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    I'm got tix for myself and a date for the 8 p.m. show. Where is the beer and bull session after the movie? Is the Vat still open?

  • Incovenient Movie Review (unverified)

    Gore's conclusions challenged by Canada Free Press

    <h2>Professor Bob Carter of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, in Australia gives what, for many Canadians, is a surprising assessment: "Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention."</h2>
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