Idea: Unionize Easier

Editor's Note: On February 6, we asked BlueOregon readers to suggest progressive ideas that the next Oregon Legislature should enact. Over the next several weeks, we'll post some of these ideas here - and ask you to discuss them. Good idea? Bad idea? Any suggestions?

From Gordo:

Gov. Kulongoski currently certifies any union that can get 50% of the workers it seeks to represent to sign a union card. This makes it a lot easier for workers to organize and protect themselves. Thanks to this policy, daycare workers are now unionized, and will soon be making a decent wage.

But it's only a policy. Now that we see that it works, let's write the "card check" policy into law, so we can continue to benefit from this policy after Kulongoski leaves office.


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  • Joe12Pack (unverified)

    "Thanks to this policy, daycare workers are now unionized, and will soon be making a decent wage."

    Thanks to this policy, even fewer people will be able to afford basic daycare services. Oh, wait- the government can subsidize that, right?

    Yet another bad idea from the so-called "progressives".

  • Lemonade (unverified)

    Yes, Joe12pack, that's what progressive taxes should be used for instead of fighter jets, aircraft carriers, and military misadventures, and subsidies to big oil.

    You no doubt rejoiced at the idea of welfare to work which encouraged parents to work at low wage jobs instead of caring for their own children. Well, this then required the state to hire day care workers, who were paid a pitance.

    Unionization, a basic labor right in self respecting democracies, will help remedy that situation.

    Day care is a serious work and should be compensated with a living wage, at least.

    I'll take the progressive response to the problem any day over the regressive ostrich-like do nothing approach that it seems you would advocate.

  • Joe12Pack (unverified)


    Not sure how the military industrial complex or big oil comes into play, but I'll assume it's more than irrelevant jibberish. Are you suggesting we should divert government funds from defense to more welfare programs? One bad policy deserves another, eh?

    No, I did not rejoice at the idea of welfare to work. Responding to failed policy with more bureaucracy is no solution. Besides, should our government really have to tell people that they need to earn money to provide for their families?

    Unionization can be a good thing. Hat's off to the U.S. labor movement in the early 20th century for spurring essential reforms. Unfortunately, modern labor unions have a knack for doing far more harm than good. Unions bear a large share of the responsibility for faltering U.S. industry- not all, but some.

    Your utopian "living wage" mentality is unsustainable in the real world. What is your definition of a "living wage", anyway? Even the most basic, unskilled entry-level job pays minimum wage. I see no reason why any semi-frugal individual could not live adequately on that while working to improve his/her value in the employment market. Now, starting a family while earning minimum wage would be sheer stupidity. Should we collectively reward such bad choices with taxpayer funds?

    This "regressive ostrich-like do nothing approach" is certainly not mine. I favor sweeping reforms and resolving root causes. Sounds pretty progressive to me.

  • EJ (unverified)

    I was temping at a company not so long ago where the CEO's told the peons " to have a union here at ths company, the law says we have to have over people employed by our company ". When one of those peons noticed that there was no such law, the CEO's responded " you are quoting public law and we are a private company - we are not held to those standards ". When the peon pushed the issue, the CEO's said " we know how much money you make. You can't afford a Lawyer. Unless charges are filed, it is not illegal. You are not a lawyer, you are a , now get back to work".

    In short - companies large and small don't like unions at all. Making it easier to unionize will make a lot of companies leave Oregon making our reputation as an unfriendly State even more glaring.

  • sasha (unverified)

    Great idea! Make unionizing easier. Especially for public sector jobs or jobs paid indirectly by taxes. After all, what better scam than to give cartel power to an interest group who can use that power to transfer income from one party to another without the need for a government bureaucracy!

    That IS progressive! Wealth transfer made more efficient!

    Sasha watches while Portland's economy contnues to bring up the rear, wondering why....

  • PanchoPdx (unverified)

    Unionize Easter?

    Please no.

    When organized labor infiltrates organized religion, the end of days are nigh.

    Isn't the Catholic Church corrupt enough already?


    Oh, unionize easier.

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