Democracy Alliance Alive and Kicking

Cody Hoesly

The Washington Post reports today that the Democracy Alliance, a loose group of wealthy liberal donors intent on creating a leftist political infrastucture as strong as the conservative one has become, is really starting to shake things up.  Good.

DLC and other Third Way types are unhappy because the Alliance is primarily funding more liberal groups, but that's good, too.  Our goal is not to appease current conservative trends, but to create a lasting progressive vision that will ultimately lead to a better society.  One downside does seem to be the secretiveness of the donors, but I hope they will come forward soon enough.

At any rate, read the article and draw your own conclusions.

  • Aaron B. Hockley (unverified)

    Shhh.... if you liberals start admitting that there's wealthy leftists, it'll ruin one of your biggest lies about all the "rich Republicans"...

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    Of course there are wealthy leftists, Aaron! Have you looked at the typical economies of Blue States compared to Red States? I'll take California and New York over Alabama and Kansas any day of the week.

    The difference between Democrats and Republicans is how to best achieve sustainable wealth. Republicans believe you do this by helping people who are born rich; Democracts believe you do this by helping people trying to get rich.

    And our way works. Republicans's don't. Whether you judge it by decade (Clinton vs Bush 1&2), by Region, or by Property Values (people always want to move to the best locations), we win.

    The only reason why this isn't even more apparent is that Blue states are nearly all federal tax donors - we pay more to the Federal budget than we get back. Red States are corporate welfare queens, sucking at the tit of the goverment while at the same time pretending to be self-sufficient.

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    <h2>leftists have never denied there are rich liberals--the difference is that they don't share the Republican predilection for only doing what is best for themselves and their own class.</h2>

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