Winning the West in 2008

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Just a quick heads-up: Tomorrow, the DNC is expected to vote to add a new caucus state to the presidential primary calendar - between Iowa and New Hampshire. All indications are that it's going to be either Arizona or Nevada (or maybe Colorado).

This is a very big deal, since it's going to affect the issues, demographics, and attitude of the presidential race. If Democrats are going to change the map, contest the West, and win in 2008 - we gotta shake things up.

Remember, Remember: If the 29 electoral votes in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada had swung from red to blue, John Kerry would have won 281 to 257. 'Nuff said.

I've written up a news-ish item over at, and a stronger advocacy piece over at So, discuss over there.

(This might be the first time I've elsewhere-d myself here at BlueOregon, but hey - it's Friday.)

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