Blumenauer announces the winners of Help Earl Decide

[Editor's note: KPOJ has posted an audio recording of Congressman Blumenauer discussing the winners on the air this morning. Listen here (MP3).]

By Earl Blumenauer of Portland, Oregon. Earl represents Oregon's third congressional district and recently sponsored the Help Earl Decide challenge.

Drum Roll Please....

I would like to thank all the Oregonians who participated in Help Earl Decide - this is an example of the growing grassroots support to make our democracy work! I'm encouraged by the tremendous volume of votes we've received over the past several weeks in what I hope will be a continued exercise in our political process.

Even though we had originally planned on giving four winners $1,000 apiece, I've decided to go a step further and announce an extra winner. The tremendous outpouring of support, and the extremely close voting, made this an easy decision!

And the winners of Help Earl Decide are (drum roll):

Rob Brading (HD 49-Fairview)

Brian Clem (HD 21-Salem)

Jean Cowan (HD 10-Newport)

Chris Edwards (HD 14-Eugene)

Larry Galizio (HD 35-Tigard)

I would like to thank all 56 Democratic candidates who enthusiastically recruited support and took part in this contest. All of them are incredibly qualified, hard-working and worthy of your vote in November.

Now that you've helped me... help the voters decide.

If you haven't already, volunteer to help a campaign or make a contribution. I, myself, will be traveling across the state and working for these candidates.

I look forward to you joining me in this effort. Remember, the face of Oregon leadership isn't a picture in the voters' pamphlet, but the face you see in the mirror everyday.

Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress


  • Anon (unverified)

    Thank you, Congressman. I can't sing your praises highly enough. Thanks for all the good work you do.

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    Thanks to Congressman Blumenauer, and thanks to everybody who voted. This was a novel and cool contest (can we expect anything less from Earl?).

    Now, if anyone wants to help Jean Cowan even more, I'd like to tell you about the beautiful weather we're having on the coast today. Perfect for a nice stroll, a nice temperature for carrying a clipboard...

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    FYI... KPOJ has posted an audio recording of Congressman Blumenauer announcing the winners on the air this morning. Listen here (MP3).

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    Thanks Earl. A lot of us are indeed working our butts off per party guidelines.

    I'm wondering about Brading though. He's the Rockstar of this cycle, as witness a recent Bus Project effort where they showed up with 63 volunteers to canvass for Brading, Metsger, and Petersen. 50 went out for Brading and 12 went out for Mestger and Petersen.

    Rick has been specifically targeted by Ferrioli. They are using pushpolls and shovelling money into the effort to punish him and Vicki Walker for having the temerity to cross PGE. Petersen is an actual professional who regardless of party affiliation should be a no brainer to replace the Quisling Larry Sowa as Clackamas County Commissioner.

    So-o-o-o-o-o-o, to paraphrase Bush: "Is our children volunteering wisely?"

    Ditto the money..........

  • Dan J (unverified)


    why is it that 4 of the 5 people chosen are white males?

    Why is it that all five people are white. It the Democratic party only interested in bringing whites (like yourself) to power?

  • Mary (unverified)


    Good going. Great group and thanks for adding another $1K instead of giving each less or eliminating one from the list. Let's take all these races home with us.

  • Evian (unverified)

    Come on - enough of the racial slurs.

    The Congressman is doing something good for candidates that will support the values of all of our communities. Not based on color, sex, language, national origin or personal choices. I too am a person of color and did not think for a minute that there was a racial issue attached.

    Didn't your mother ever teach you to just say "Thanks" once in awhile. Or did you just stop listening?

    Thanks Earl for helping Oregon be better than it is currently, for everyone.

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    Dan J: Which candidates would you have voted for?

  • Dan J (unverified)


    which one of my mothers are you talking about?

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    Dan J.-

    Thanks for your comment, I think we would all agree that having a diverse legislature would be great.

    In this specific contest "Help Earl Decide" we let you and everyone else pick who those winners are. We didn't interfere....we didn't choose favorites...we let the people decide!

    I'm sorry if you didn't like the outcome, and I would encourage you to volunteer or give a contribution to people you would like to see in the legislature.

    But as for this competition, the people have spoken (and unlike the President) we are going to listen.

    Willie Smith Blumenauer for Congress

  • Evian (unverified)

    Well said Willie Smith. Let's hope in the future we can get a more balanced legislature, including more women and women of color. Till then thank the COngressman for doing the right thing for the few good candidates we do have.


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    This is wonderful news, glad to see the donations and hope the Dem's take back the House. On a related note, which hit my gut before reading the comments, I too questioned why all candidates are white. They are all worthy, but it struck a chord and made me wonder what we're doing to develop leadership of color in the state of Oregon who are potential candidates. It is a situation that gives me pause as I plan to return to Oregon with my family after grad school at Harvard. I remember reading how the Portland Mayor Tom Potter's wife wished to work on retaining young professionals of color...did this go anywhere?

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    <h2>In the interest of full disclosure, and after reading the comments more closely...I'm an Asian descent/Person of Color born in Oregon (Emmanuel '73 baby!). I didn't read "Dan J's" comments as being disrespectful or a racial slur as judged by Evian. I believe that each element of our world is touched by race and culture, although clearly it is more comfortable to believe otherwise. Such knee jerk reaction to a legitimate questioning of the status quo, "why are they all white?", is as disappointing as it is marginalizing for people of color communities. I appreciate the Blue Oregon community and dialogue, and offer these thoughts in the spirit of deeper discussion and an openness to hearing others beliefs on the issues.</h2>
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