Who should get Earl's money?

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Congressman Earl Blumenauer is trying a novel approach this year when it comes to deciding which candidates for the Oregon House he should support.

Basically, he wants you to decide.

Over at EarlBlumenauer.com, Earl wants to hear from you - which four House Dems should each get a $1000 check from Blumenauer for Congress?

Here's how it works. Visit the Help Earl Decide website and pick your top five favorite incumbents and top five favorite challengers (and open seat candidates). In a couple of weeks, ten finalists will be announced - and you'll get a shot at picking the final four to get Earl's money.

Now, a full disclosure moment -- I suggested this idea to the good folks over at Blumenauer for Congress, though I never thought the Congressman would go for it. After all, $4000 is a lot of money - and he's perfectly capable of picking candidates to support.

But to Earl's credit, he's decided to let the Oregon netroots speak.

Which candidates have demonstrated grassroots support, raised the tough issues, shown leadership in their communities, and can help lead Oregon? In short, which candidates have earned Earl's money? You make the call.

Head on over and make your picks. I'll keep you updated as things proceed.

(Full disclosure -- I built Earl's site, including Help Earl Decide.)

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