Six Saturdays left; what are you doing this weekend?

What are you doing this weekend? With only six Saturdays left until the election (and less than that before ballots arrive), it's long past time to start committing to some activism.

A couple of options:

Democrats in the O.C.: Head on over to Black Point Inn at 7th and Washington in Oregon City at 12:30 tomorrow. There's a rally for Democrats, including Governor Kulongoski, ethics champion and Wayne Scott opponent Mike Caudle, county commish candidate Lynn Peterson, and many other great Dems. More details at Mike Caudle's site.

Bus Project Final Countdown: The Bus Project is heading to Lane County - and there's something about an 80s buttrock revival too. More details.

What are you doing this weekend? Seriously, turn off your computer and go knock on some doors. What are you waiting for?

Campaigns: feel free to post more volunteer opportunities in the comments.

  • charlie (unverified)

    Final Countdown! You know I'll be there, Sweedish metal rocks!

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    If you are looking for other options, OLCV has separate canvasses going on tomorrow for Lynn Peterson for Clackamas County Commission, Larry Galizio for State Rep in Tigard, and Brian Clem for State Rep in Salem.

    Details at:

  • JerryS (unverified)

    I'm going on the bus trip tomorrow. Should be a fun time.

  • 17yearoldwithanopinion (unverified)

    Tobias Read over in HD 27 is always looking for more volunteers. Go to his website to sign up to help him out. Hes a great candidate who has a fairly tough race.

  • Chris (unverified)

    Yes, Tobias could use more help. Tobias is facing a Republican opponent (Dom Biggi) that has negative TV ads and mailers attacking him, paid for by family money.

  • Eric Berg (unverified)

    Not to take anything away from campaigning...but candidates whowant to serve in Salem must deal with our state's tax system if they're worthy of our volunteer efforts to get them there. What this bipartisan group of state senators is up to, I have no idea. But this may be a worthwhile couple of hours:

    What: Senators Ryan Deckert (D-Beaverton), Frank Morse (R-Albany), Kurt Schrader (D-Canby), and Ben Westlund (I-Bend) will attend a town hall forum hosted by Senator Avel Gordly (I-Portland) to discuss a new proposal for fundamental, comprehensive reform of Oregon’s tax structure.

    Where: Great Room, Mt. Tabor Hall Portland Community College, SE Center 2305 SE 82nd and Division, Portland

    When: Saturday, September 30, 2006 10 am – 12 pm

  • Drew Johnston (unverified)


    It's a postive and personal message that will help us win this November. Join other activists for a canvass or phonebank to talk about a promising young progressive and his issues; as we fight TV commercials, phonecalls, and a mail campaign that ignore the issues important to our district and Oregon. Help keep HD27 blue as we pass the torch from Mark Hass to Tobias Read!

    Canvass dates - Meeting at HQ: 4836 SW Western Ave, Beaverton Sat 9/30 1-4pm, Sat 10/7 11-2pm, Sun 10/8 11-2pm, Sat 10/14 11-2pm

    Wednesday Phonebanks - Meeting at Stand for Children's Offices: 516 SE Morrison, Ste 420 Every Wednesday from 6-8:30pm

    Send me an email (drew "at" to RSVP a date or to come by the campaign and help with office work. We've got 39 days to retake the House for the first time in 18 years! (thanks 17yearold and Chris for the nice mention)

    Drew Johnston, Field Director

  • Courtney (unverified)

    I heard that there will actually be serious 80s rock stars on the Bus Trip this weekend!

    I think Hoje was lying though...

    He lies.

    Or he was talking about the ever rocking Floyd Prozanski, who'll be there. In sequins. With big hair.

  • Galen (unverified)


    But I love AppleCorps even more....

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    Multnomah County

    We'll be heading out to canvass for State Senator Rick Metsger on Saturday. His is one of the seats being targeted by the Republicans as one they'd like to win in order to take back the Senate. We'll be meeting at 10:30 a.m. at Mt. Tabor Park (Salmon Street gate, 60th/Salmon).

    On Sunday, we'll be canvassing for Kulongoski in targeted areas of the county. Meet at the Donkey Stable, 232 NE 9th, at 1 p.m. We'll also be dropping lit opposing Measures 41 and 48 (TABOR and Sizemore's tax scam).

    With only 3 weeks left until ballots go in the mail, we could really use everyone in the county's help in contacting voters. We have to make 15,000 voter contacts each week in order to meet our goals and carry the county for Kulongoski.

    We run phone banks every Sunday through Thursday from 1-9 p.m. We also canvass every Saturday and Sunday. There is also plenty of office work to do, including data entry and preparing walk materials for upcoming canvasses.

    If you live in Multnomah County, please call the office (503-248-0826) to see how you can help out.

    If you can't help out with your time, please consider donating food and drinks to the office for the volunteers. We could really use items like sandwiches, jerky, fresh fruit, water, sodas (cola, diet, flavored), ground coffee, etc. Even better are donations for things like a pizza night, taco night, and the like. This allows us to feed all the wonderful volunteers.

    Thanks for all your help and support!

    -- Jenni Simonis Field Director Multnomah County Democratic Party

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    More volunteer opportunities (statewide!) on the DPO calendar and at

    I was out canvassing last night. It was fun, and everyone was nice to me. Yay!

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    North Clackamas School District Bond 3 -229

    Last Sunday we began canvassing neighborhoods throughout the district. Feedback and interaction have been positive but it is key that we get out our information to the public that doesn't have children in our aging and overcrowded schools. We will be canvassing again on October 22nd.There are also opportunities to work the phones, host a house party, display yard signs, etc.

  • Brian (unverified)

    I got an invite through to do some phone banking in Milwaukie, today (Saturday 9/30) at 2:00 PM at a place called "NeoGenesis", one block off McLoughlin Blvd, on Washington. I'd imagine that they'd appreciate more people... The lady who sent the invite is Wendy L.

    Also, last night while I was walking around I grabbed a bunch of voter registration forms from the post office, and today or tomorrow I'm going to walk up and down my street and see if I can get any new voters registered.

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    Not to be mean to MoveOn or anything, but please come in and do phone banks at the DPO, your county party, one of the candidates' offices, etc. before you do anything for MoveOn.

    MoveOn is doing work for federal races in other states. Their focus is on closely contested federal races, and the races in Oregon are not on their list.

    It is extremely important that we do work to make sure Kulongoski gets re-elected, we keep control of the state senate, win control of the state house, defeat bad ballot measures, and pass the good ones. That means focusing your volunteer time to speak with and turn out voters here in Oregon.

    If you need information on what you can do to help the efforts here in Oregon, visit the DPO's web site at or call the office at 503-224-8200 (Portland) or 541-434-2189 (Eugene). In Multnomah County you can also visit the Mult Dems web site at or call them at 503-248-0826.

    Please, please, please give time to your local county party and to the DPO. Please give time to Democratic candidates. And please help on the fights for/against the ballot measures. There are tens of thousands of volunteer hours to fill, and not enough people to fill them.

    Don't have the time to give? Please consider donating snacks, drinks, and funds to your local/state party. There are a lot of volunteers to feed and plenty of expenses to cover. Remember all the federal money 2 years ago? Four years ago? Not happening. We fund it ourselves, or it doesn't happen. We are the coordinated campaign.

    If you're in Multnomah County, I strongly urge you to get involved at the Donkey Stable (232 NE 9th). We have a lot to do in the next 19 days (ballots are out Oct 20), and not enough people to get it done. I've seen what can happen to a state when the right-wingers take over-- please don't let that happen here in Oregon.

  • Magdalen (unverified)
    <h2>Lord (God, Heaven) helps those (them) who help themselves. Magdalen.</h2>
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