"I'm Ron Saxton. Welcome to my crib."

The good folks at the Bus Project and Public Media Works have posted a bunch of videos from Candidates Gone Wild. Here, we'll share with you the mock "Cribs" episodes - featuring Ron Saxton and Ted Kulongoski.


Incidentally, at CGW, the emcees indicated that this was the first time that cameras had been allowed to film inside Mahonia Hall. (Correction, per the First Lady of Oregon, in the comments.)

See the rest here - including a blind date with Mary Starrett and impersonators doing both Ted and Ron.

  • Julie (unverified)

    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Kulongoski's beer and Saxton's diet snapple, so easy to decide who to vote for after that. The pink elephants are creepy.

  • JustaDog (unverified)

    Ted Kulongoski =

    • more taxes
    • illegal aliens running wild with OR driver's licenses
    • increased handout programs
    • worsening illegal drug situation
    • increased power to those extortionist unions
    • public education downward spiral
    • more taxes
    • more taxes
    • more taxes
  • Mary Oberst (unverified)

    "Incidentally, at CGW, the emcees indicated that this was the first time that cameras had been allowed to film inside Mahonia Hall."

    I'm not sure about previous governors, but we've had cameras here several times for several reasons (anyone remember the OPB candidate profiles in the spring?). And the residence is open for public tours on Friday afternoons.

  • Kristi (unverified)


    Another Troll!! Another donation!!


  • (Show?)

    Justadog.... Wahoo! Another donation!

    Mary.... thanks for dropping by. I'll delete that statement.

  • myranda (unverified)

    Did you notice.... Saxton said "Welcome to MY crib." Kulongoski's wife said "Welcome to OUR crib." How delightful! What a partnership! If I were Lynne Saxton, I'd make Ron pay for taking sole credit for their crib.

  • no one in particular (unverified)

    Okay, the cribs were okay, but the Blind Date parodies were straight up completely hilarious. Watch those, everyone!

  • JHL (unverified)

    Another troll, another donation!

    Good idea, Kari... (though I wish there were a way to do it without being separated from my money.)

  • Bryan (unverified)

    I felt so much more comfortable at Ted and Mary's. Mary is adorable! They are so laid back... seem like real people. Saxton's voice is really starting to irk me.

    My favorite part was when ted was talking about how he doesn't need/want all the security and he said "just give me a gun"! Love him!

  • Oscar (unverified)

    Mary Oberst for Governor!

  • Left of Center (unverified)

    Just give me a gun? Are you joking? Did he actually say that? He can't actually believe that more gun ownership would increase public safety. That something the NRA would say. I'll bet he was joking.

    The notion that average citizens even have the option of walking around in public with guns frightens me: we would be better off giving martial arts training to all 12-18 year olds (like gym class). That way they could defend themselves against catholic priests and other threats.

    Guns don't make us safer, they just make people feel safer. And don't forget, the 2nd Amendment says "Well regulated militia"...we don't have militias any more.

    BTW: did the Saxton's have the ugliest living room furniture, or what? It looked like a "before" example of a HG Television house that was about to get a makeover. Who ever heard of mixing vertical stripes with horizontal patterns? Eeeeewwww.

  • (Show?)

    Observations on Saxton:

    "We have this wonderful picture that's over the fireplace. We have no idea who it is."

    Translation: Likes the look of Mahonia Hall; has no idea what it means.

    Quote: "Here's some of my favorite DVDs. Here's the first season of West Wing."

    Quote: Translation: Likes the look of smart politicians making snappy comments; doesn't realize they're liberals.

    References: Root beer, Betty Crocker window, Green Acres.

    Translation: Back to the 1950s!

    Observations about Ted:

    Quote: (Referencing the on-site cop) "I don't need all of this ... just give me a gun."

    Translation: Bowling is tres '02; this year it guns!

    References: Red Sox, chips and salsa, donuts, beer fridge.

    Translation: Adam Sandler in '06!

  • Righty (unverified)

    Left of Center - I will forgive your ignorance. You see, a gun in the hands of a Marine (like Kulongoski) DOES make him and his family safer. Although I will admit that he is probably pretty safe as is.

    I am sure that he was just kidding (partially), but I hope this erodes his support amongst the namby-pamby anti-gun lefties. Maybe this should be called...

             Killongoski - Day 1

    ...and we can bring this irresponsible gun reference up every day and bemona the fact that the media has not started talking about how Ted encourages gun violence.

    (just having some fun)

  • (Show?)

    What's that Left? Joking? In a Candidates Gone Wild video?

  • john (unverified)

    Big pimpin', spending G's!

  • (Show?)

    Ted & Mary's video definitely had the feeling of a Cribs episode-- laid back, a bit funny, etc.

    I've loved penguins since I was young-- I have a giant collection of them. Because of the March of the Penguins movie, people like penguins because it's cool. Right-wingers especially like penguins because they feel they are morally correct (I think they forgot about the gay penguins that happen both at zoos and in nature). I felt like the Saxtons had the penguins there just because it was cool, which really irked me.

  • James Madison (unverified)

    Left of Center... Just thought I'd point something out for ya. The second amendment--it protects two rights:

    1. The right of citizens to bear arms, and
    2. The right of states to establish a militia.

    ... not the right of militias to bear arms. Not making a judgment call--just saying.

    This has been your ConLaw Fact of the Week!

  • gobytrain (unverified)

    Perhaps Ms. Saxton prefered not to take any credit because it looks like a bachelor bad. Well, more like the pad of a bachelor who's mother did the decorating. I really mean that in an un-snarky way. Sincerely.

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