In Oregon, George Bush is really, really, really unpopular

SadbushOn Friday, Rasmussen Reports - a national polling firm - released its state-by-state breakdown on George W. Bush job performance numbers.

Bush's "strongly disapprove" number in Oregon is the highest in the nation -- with 54% of Oregonians responding "strongly disapprove." Another 8% "somewhat disapprove", for a total of 62% disapproval. (Out of 27 total states surveyed.)

See the report and the data chart. Discuss.

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    What I fail to understand is why Kulongoski doesn't talk about Saxton bringing Bush values to Oregon. Because that's what Saxton clearly intends to do.

    I love the Governor. He's brilliant at actual governance. But quite frankly, his political instincts are simply not on the same level. It's not enough to just be competent, you have to tout it as well.

    (p.s. I simply don't understand why that 2 minute comback to Saxton showing all of big K's accomplishements couldn't have been shortened to 30 seconds. Even without being able to read everything, it gets the point about competence across brilliantly)

    (p.p.s. when I use the text for that ad, the GOTV seems to be well received.)

  • VR (unverified)

    What is even more telling to me - is that in not one of the states polled are the "Stringly Approve" numbers higher than the "Strongly Disapprove". Not even Texas.

  • iadoregon lahar (unverified)

    Kulongoski should lable Saxton as the "Neocon-Ron", he could follow it up with "He may make Oregon attack Nevada so we can install Parks as Governor"...

  • Terry (unverified)

    WooHoo! Oregon -- the bluest of the blue!

  • Independent Voter (unverified)

    Those numbers are good news, and that was before the NIE, ChildPredatorGate, or Woodward's book.

    Spin away Karl, this time the October Surprise played you! Now we get to watch the wingnuts throw each other under the bus. Goodbye Hastert, goodbye Reynolds, goodbye Alexander. I wouldn't be surprised to know Rove had a hand in the Foley coverup. Ya know, Party over Country, so why not Party over protecting our kids? They just want to ship 'em off to Iraq to die anyways when they're 18.

    And the rumors are Condi just got thrown under the bus by Cheney/Rumsfeld. You damn well those two devils won't go anywhere. They don't work for US anyways and they know it.

    Really, is anyone of principles and values going to vote for these corrupt whores? These last 5 weeks are going to be enjoyable.

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    Every time that I start checking real estate prices in BC, one of these heartening little messages comes along to remind me that I already live in Almostcanada.

    I still miss the Magna Carta though, I've grown fond of that document over the past 800 years. I guess old habits die hard...........

  • Howard W. Campbell Jr. (unverified)

    If Dems hate Bush so much, why has no one here endorsed the anti-Bush rally at South Park Blocks on Thursday? Talk is cheap.

  • mudnducs (unverified)

    It is interesting to listen to Willamette Valley liberals get comfortable in their little pocket, they rule the state. Get over to John Day, Prineville, Seneca....spout off like you do.

    George W Bush will be spoken of in the same breath as Lincoln. He has the courage to do the difficult, he is not swayed by polls. He stands by his convictions and in the larger sense knows what America is about.

    Liberals don't have a clue. You are the same people who ruined Rome and ancient Greece. Today it's referred to as Bush Derangement Syndrome...check it out.

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    Can I get a bumper sticker for that? "I ruined Rome and ancient Greece!"

    We're not supposed to feed the trolls; is pointing and laughing OK?

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    Sorry, can't resist:

    "George W Bush will be spoken of in the same breath as Lincoln."

    I doubt it. While he may well be assassinated*, he can barely spell "play," much less attend one.

    *to the e-listening and tracking devices in the audience, obviously I'm not advocating that to happen in any way...

  • mudnducs (unverified)

    Gee torrid...I'm crushed. It is kinda funny that Bush is in far more danger from liberals than from terrorists is it not?

    How ironic.

    <h2>Your kindly old troll.</h2>
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