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Today is the deadline for campaigns to report all their fundraising and spending through September 22. It's the first reporting period since the primary election. Filings need to be made to the Elections Division by 5:00, and then reporters, campaigns, bloggers, watchdogs, and more will be digging rapidly through the details.

Any predictions? Any burning questions that will be answered? Anything you expect? Anything you fear? Anything you hope to see?


  • RayCeeYa (unverified)

    Saxton with more money than all the other gubanatorial candidates put together.

  • spicey (unverified)

    I'm wondering what's taking me so long to get online and donate to some of these campaigns? I need someone to come shake me!

  • Harry (unverified)

    Having not yet seen all of the C&E reports, I predict that the gov candidate with the most money behind him (sorry Mary) will win this by more than 2% margin.

  • bluetick (unverified)

    Anyone know how long it will be before the fines are posted?

  • (Show?)

    No guesses, just some info that came in today...

    Minnis Contributions: $431,546.54 Expenditures: $232,738.83 Beginning cash balance: $155,446.10 Ending balance: $368,929.70 View full contribution info here (PDF). Worth noting.... $500 IK to the yes on 43 crowd Lots of newspaper, radio buys An $8,500 buy through Comcast for commercials

    Saxton Contributions: $3,507,211.56 Expenditures: $2,891,425.22 Beginning cash balance: $173,928.43 Ending balance: $801,663.85 View full contribution info here (PDF). Worth noting... Lots of individual donations in the thousands, including ones for $40K, three $50K, $150K, two $250K, and $350K. There was also a second $50K individual contribution that brought the person's total to $100K. There were others whose total contributions thus far get them close to $50K. There were so many contributions between $10K and $40K that I lost count. Of course this doesn't include multiple contributions in the tens of thousands (or more!) from businesses, corporations, and business groups. There was also $363,750 from the Republican Governors Association and almost $180K from the Oregon Republican Party. I could not find those large contributions mentioned recently for Saxton. According to a recent AP story, there was a $500,000 check from the OGA, bringing their total to $750,000. I don't think that $750K included a large in-kind donation (just over $113,000) also from the OGA. That means he has even more money that the C&Es show.

    Bruce McCain, who is running against Minority Leader Jeff Merkley He received $34,306.32 in contributions. Only $600 of that did not come from Speaker's PAC, Wayne Scott, or the House Republicans PAC. It shows it is definitely a battle to keep Merkley busy in his own district, as opposed to getting Democrats elected around the state.

    A few more note worthy....

    Carol York brought in $122,681.64 towards her fight to unseat Democratic State Senator Rick Metsger. Almost half came from the Leadership Fund, which is the Oregon Senate Republicans PAC.

    Rob Brading brought in $154,730. He's spent $141,698.49. And he has $25,773.63 left. If I remember correctly, he did not top $50,000 two years ago.

    Friends For Safer Libraries (aka the attack on Rob Brading) brought in $7,464. They had expenditures of $7,344.30 and actually have a negative balance. According to their report, it appears most of their contributions were actually printing and postage done by the Parent's Education Association P.A.C. Click here for the report. Finding the donors of that PAC is difficult, as you have to go back several reports, and it's all in small donations that are lumped together.

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    Governor Kulongoski Contributions: $1,647,282.71 Expenditures: $638,887.22 Beginning cash balance: $373,479.16 Ending balance: $1,384,039.41 View full contribution info here (PDF).

  • scott lindsley (unverified)
    <h2>I am amazed at how much money Democrats that voted for the war, the patriot act, judge alito, homeland security, the national id card, lobbyists, and a ton of other republican agendas get from donors. I wonder of those donors are blue or red. A red voting democrat in a blue state should be voted. . . no. . . donated against! What say ye?</h2>
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