Stopping the anonymous, right-wing, drive-by trolls

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Over the last six weeks, it's become readily apparent that BlueOregon is the subject of a sustained and deliberate effort from a small group of right-wingers to frustrate and annoy our readers.

BlueOregon gets something like 6000 page views a day - from roughly 1500 to 3000 people each day. Since the beginning, it's been our goal to create a "water cooler around which Oregon progressives will gather." And we've largely been successful, thanks to many of you.

But a half-dozen right-wing trolls are working very hard to destroy our progressive water cooler. They're posting anonymous drive-by comments, refusing to discuss things seriously, and diverting discussions. In our recent reader survey (full results coming tomorrow), many of you described these trolls as your "least favorite" part of BlueOregon.

How do we fight back? It's difficult technologically to block 'em. Instead, we have to create a disincentive for their antisocial behavior.

What do the trolls fear most? That progressives will get unified - and win elections.

So, we'll steal a page from the Dean 2004 campaign - and launch a BlueOregon Troll Defense Fund. Every time you get annoyed by a right-wing troll, just make a small donation to a Democratic campaign or progressive organization. And simply chime in with a comment like this:

Another troll! Another donation!

You can donate to whomever you want. You can use our BlueOregon Troll Defense Fund page at ActBlue if you want, or not. Entirely up to you. But it's critical to post a comment.

Eventually, they'll realize that every time they post an anonymous right-wing troll comment, it raises money for Democrats. And they'll go away.

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