Wastin' Away Again in Ronnie Saxtonville...

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that the Oregon AFL-CIO has a theme song to go with Saxtonville.com - the website that highlights Ron Saxton's migrant labor shack and his inherent hypocrisy:

With about a week to go before Oregon voters decide a close race for governor, Democratic and Republican partisans have taken the gloves off.

The Oregon AFL-CIO has a new satirical website called Saxtonville.com, complete with its own theme song.

They played a snippet on the air, but the full song is available online here - and only here:

Wastin' Away was performed and written by George McCleary - with some initial lyrics contributed by commenters here at BlueOregon. The lyrics:

Nibblin' on spongecake
Watchin' the sun bake
All those illegals covered with soil
All of my hombres
Work for me all day
Hear those liberals, they're beginning to boil

Wastin' away again in Ronnie Saxtonville
Searchin' for my lost credibility
Some people claim that there's a liberal to blame
but I know...it's my own damn fault

My grapes are the reason
They stay here all season
Makin' my favorite chardonnay
I'll say I grew cherrys
Chestnuts and blueberries
I can't have 'em thinking "the grillmaster" is gay

Wastin' away again in Ronnie Saxtonville
Searchin' for my lost credibility
Some people claim that there's a pundit to blame
but I know...it's my own damn fault

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    not to be pedantic, but "here" should be "hear" (i think) in verse 1.

    and i don't get the "grillmaster" reference, so i'm not sure why the gay "joke" is needed. i could have missed something along the way...

    other than that, a terrific satire. this from an old parrotthead.

  • mrfearless47 (unverified)

    The "grillmaster" is a reference to an interview with Saxton in which he cites grilling for friends and family as one of his favorite pastimes. At home he's referred to as the "grillmaster".

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    Parrothead Barnhart... I've fixed that "here" typo.

    As for the "gay" line, it's definitely not what I would have written, but... that stanza is in the first-person voice of Ronnie... and it would seem to provide one possible explanation of the inner working of Ron's brain and why he would mythologize his pinot gris vineyard into a cherry farm.

  • myranda (unverified)

    Re the "grillmaster," reference, in a candidate profile in The O, Saxton said he was looking forward to grilling for guests at the governor's residence. I think that BlueOregon or Kulongoski and the Dem legislators should host a charity fundraiser there and invite Saxton to grill the meal. Ha-ha.

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    Hey Kari, George and songwriters,

    I passed on the info on who wrote and recorded the song. I cringed when it was attributed to our site -- didn't intend to take the credit. Thanks for all you do. This has been fun.

  • spicey (unverified)

    the Snoregonian has a straw poll page which allows you to vote and comment on the Governor's race.


  • randy davis (unverified)

    Is the mp3 available for download?

  • MusicFan (unverified)

    Funny song. With all the boring campaigning going on, it's fun to listen to something like this. I wish the campaigns would release song pardoies like this instead of their crappy ads!

  • anahit (unverified)

    Compare and contrast:

    1. A few days ago a BlueOregon post admonished the Saxton campaign for "unauthorized use" of a Johnny Cash refrain it parodied in one of its press releases; and

    2. This post does the exact same thing but to a Jimmy Buffet song on a larger scale, yet receives accolades.

  • Madam Hatter (unverified)
    <h2>Wow. Cool. Do we get royalties? (grin)</h2>
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