Ballot Dropsites

Still haven't mailed in or dropped off your ballot? Have a friend who doesn't know what to do with his ballot?

Here's the official list of ballot dropsites, from the Secretary of State.

  • Hank (unverified)

    The most recent numbers from the Sec. of State (November 2) show that Multnomah County has the lowest percentage of ballots returned.

    Anyone care to comment on the significance?

  • Josh Berezin (unverified)

    Sure. The significance is: Multnomah County has a higher percentage of young voters than any other county.

    58% of registered voters there are under 50 years old. Young people tend to voter later, and vote less. All the more reason for the huge GOTV efforts going on in Multnomah.

  • Misha (unverified)

    Josh and Hank,

    I just ran the numbers, and you're actually both right. As of Nov. 2, the Sec. of State reported that Multnomah County had returned 17.09% of the total ballots returned statewide. That's slightly lower than where we were relative to the rest of the state at this point in 2002 and 2004. In 2002, Multnomah County had returned 17.3% of the state's received ballots five days out; in 2004, Mulnomah County had returned 19.27% of the state's received ballots.

    <h2>So, there is reason for concern, but the Multnomah numbers aren't low enough to panic. Just to work harder.</h2>
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