Ballots pouring in. Keep working!

We just got this good-news update from the Multnomah County Democrats:

Since we put out the call for volunteers this morning, the elections office has registered receiving over fifteen thousand more ballots – we have leapt from ten thousand ballots behind our 2002 returns to five thousand ahead. This shows how important it is to keep up the hard work.

There are still, however, thousands of people in Multnomah County who have not voted. We can only contact them if you are in here volunteering.

Are you going to let the Republican 72-hour plan, which toppled Tom Daschle, erode our future? Come in and show the Republican Party that no matter how many last-minute temp hires they make, no matter how many calls they buy, no matter how many negative ads they run – no matter how much money they have – Oregon is not for sale.

Come in and give us another three hours. Take a day off from work, and use it to call voters. Do what needs to be done. Re-elect Ted Kulongoski.

There are, of course, opportunities to help around the state. A complete list of county party GOTV operations is here.

If you still need to drop off your ballot, get the list of dropsites here.

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    Thanks to everyone who has come in to help. The office has been extremely busy, and we've been overflowing to a great local business, CubeSpace, all day. With the storms here in town, we've had a lot of requests for ballot pick ups.

    But we still need more help. It's because of all the work from volunteers across the county that we've been able to catch up.

    We especially need people to phone, canvass, do visibility, or hospitality work at the lines at the elections office. Give us a call at 503-239-8646 or stop by at 232 NE 9th.

    Together, we can be successful.

  • Randy2 (unverified)

    Totally off-topic, for which I apologize, but I don't have anything other than broadcast TV and I'd really like to go out in the crowds to watch results.

    Any suggestions for locations?


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    I certainly do not want to do anything but encourage people to help get out the vote, but I do not know where the Multnomah Dems are getting their numbers. We have been running ahead of 2002 for days by at least 10,000 votes. As of 5:30 we were 13,000 votes ahead of where we were the day before we voted in 2002 and I do not know if there will be another update for today or if everyone has gone home.

    The message should be that we need to do better than 2002 if we expect to defeat all of the ballot measures that need to be defeated and to ensure that Ted gets elected. It is clear that the Republicans are going into overdrive trying to get their vote out so beating 2002 may not be enough. Remember that in 2004 Democrats got out their best vote ever on a national basis only to find out that the Republicans did even better.

    But let's try to at least get the data right.

  • Josh Balloch (unverified)

    Clackamas County Democrats also have 8 phone lines ready to go all day election day.

    If you live around Oregon City or would just like to help out a Clackamas County Democrat, give me a call at 503-508-5868.

    Or you can watch this Youtube Video to get my information:

    Right now Democrats are beating the Republicans in actual votes even though they have 4000 more registared Republicans in Clackamas County. We have a really Chance to Turn Clackamas County Blue...but we need your help.



  • Jesse B. (unverified)

    Students at PSU have been doing our part! So far, the Student Vote Coalition at ASPSU have registered over 3,700 students and contacted over 5,000 of them in the last week and a half over the phones to get them out to vote!

    We're going to be in the ASPSU office tommorrow calling folks all day. By the time we're done, we'll have contacted around 7,000 students.

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    The numbers we were using came from earlier in the day. There was a big lull in ballots coming in, and at that point we were down by more than 10,000 ballots. The original numbers for Friday also showed they were less than 2002's numbers (107,000 as compared to 114,000). A corrected version of Friday's numbers came out mid-day today.

    The fact remains that we're still running behind the state. We're at 45% with today's numbers. The state was at 40% before adding today's numbers. I wouldn't be surprised to see the state numbers at or over 50% when they finally get the data from the counties (they're still getting data, so we have no new #s yet).

    And we still have many precincts that have historically performed well that are now under performing.

  • adam petkun (unverified)

    Wanna help in Eugene? Give me a call and i'll help you find something to do with the campaign of your choice!

    adam petkun - bus project, lane county. 541.344.9999

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    I was down at the Cube Space phone bank today and it's a totally cool place, way nicer than the warehouse at NE 9th and Davis. But I think it's limited to 15 phones.

    The Cube Space location is at 622 S.E. Grand Ave. on the second floor of the U.S. Bank. (Don't park in the covered bank lot, though). You can't go wrong, however, going to either here or the DPO on 9th and Davis any time after 9 a.m. tomorrow.

    A sign at the DP siad they need umbrellas.

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    During the day we're limited to a smaller amount of lines, but we've had 50 in the evenings. We'll have more than usual for during the day tomorrow since it's Election Day.

    The folks at CubeSpace have been great to the county party, and we really appreciate it.

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)


    The Bus Project is holding an election night party at the Lucky Lab Northwest. We'll be taking the Bus to a few of the other parties as well.

    <h2>Come check it out.</h2>
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