Final weekend. Let's get to work.

Republican campaigns almost always have more money than Democratic ones. But Democrats win campaigns - sometimes even when the polls have 'em down - because Democrats have the people who will hit the phones and hit the doors.

And that's why Karl Rove's famous "72-Hour Program" is such a threat to progressives. If we let Republicans beat us with money and people, we will almost certainly lose.

So, with that in mind, we asked a bunch of campaigns to tell us what you can do this weekend. Let's do it...

From the Oregon House Democrats:

House Democrats are fighting hard to take several key races all over Oregon across the finish line. We have phone banks and volunteer door-to-door canvasses happening in virtually every community in Oregon. To find out how you can help us take the Oregon House for the first time in 16 years call or e-mail Michele Rossolo in Portland at 503-249-0457 or [email protected] or Erin Gould in Eugene at 541-762-1085 or [email protected].

From the Multnomah County Democrats:

We have 20,000 voters to contact for whom we have no phone-numbers, so we need canvassers to come to 232 NE 9th Ave on Saturday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Sunday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Sign up here or call 503-239-8646. To make the remaining fifty-thousand calls on our list, we'll need phone-bankers as well – again, show up at 232 NE 9th Ave, Portland, sign up at or call 503-239-8646.

From Our Oregon:

Join us Saturday to canvass with Earl Blumenauer at the united progressive GOTV canvass in Portland. If you can't make that canvass, find an event near you. We've got a one-stop shop for volunteering on everything from the No on Measure 43 campaign to OLCV's candidate phone banks to the No on 41/48 canvasses.

From Jean Cowan for State Representative:

The road to a Democratic majority starts on the Central Coast in House District 10. Our votes are there -- help us turn them out by canvassing, phoning, or joining the Bus Project in Lincoln City on Sunday. Call the campaign at 541-574-7662 to help the progressive candidate win one of the closest races in rural Oregon.

From Brian Clem for State Representative:

Help Brian Clem during the last weekend of the campaign! Join us Saturday with the Bus Project for a GOTV canvass at 11:00 beginning at the Grand Ballroom (187 High st. NE, Salem). Or phone bank with us on Sunday. Call Amy (503)508-8512 for details.

From Chris Edwards for State Representative:

Join Team Edwards for this final weekend of Campaigning! Saturday morning at 10am, join Governor Kulongoski and Senator Wyden at the Democratic Party of Lane County Office (1020 Greenacres Rd #14- Delta Oaks Shopping Center between GI Joe's and Goodwill) for a rally before we hit the streets for Chris and other local Dems!! Busy Saturday morning? We have phone banks and canvasses both Saturday and Sunday, and need your help now more than ever. Please contact [email protected] or (541) 762-1083 for times and locations.

From Mike Caudle for State Representative:

Oregonians have a real opportunity to bring change to the state by sending Mike Caudle to the State House and sending Majority Leader Wayne Scott home. Rep. Scott may have a lot of money to spend -- and he is spending it -- but a strong grassroots effort can trump his dollars any day. So if you are intested in helping Mike win by phonebanking or canvassing in Oregon City, which is just a short drive from just about anywhere in the metropolitan area, give Mike's campaign a call at 503-557-1616 and let them know you want to help.

From David Edwards for State Representative:

David Edwards is running for State Representative in Hillsboro and if elected, he'll be the first Democrat ever to win this historically Republican seat. We're doing everything we can to make sure our supporters mail in their ballots in these last days: calling (every day) and going door-to-door (this weekend) to remind our supporters to send in their ballots. Call Tresa 503-880-1872 or email [email protected] to get involved.

From Rob Brading for State Representative:

We know we can elect Rob Brading if we turn out voters, but we definitely need your help. We have phone banks we're working to fill, canvasses to run, and visibility to do, so there’s plenty of work for everyone! Canvass: We also will be doing one last get-out-the-vote canvass on Saturday, November 4 from 10 am until 2 pm. Meet at Brading World Headquarters, 330 E Columbia River Highway, Troutdale. Phone bank: Sunday, November 5, 2 pm until 5 pm, 333 SE 223rd Ave, Suite 200, Gresham, Oregon. Contact Mike to sign up at 503-891-5092.
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    Great pitch and absolutely right on. All our hard work for the past year is on the line right now.

    Lets get to work! It's time for the final sprint to the finish. I have a great feeling about this one! With everyone's help, we can bring this election home!

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    The Multnomah County Elections website shows the percentage of issued ballots returned by day. As of Thursday, Mult. Co. voters had only returned 27% of their ballots.

    That's really low. Most of the rest of the state is kicking our butts. I think the most profitable use of all our time is phonebanking or canvassing to get people to return their ballots.

    No matter what the polls say, we'll lose if our voters don't vote.

  • paul (unverified)

    and a point of self-interest for you recent Oregonians: if you want the annoying telemarketed phone calls to stop, just vote! You'll be amazed at the result!

    And this pays a double bonus, since it allows the parties and candidates to be more efficient in their use of resources.

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    Sam Sappington for HD15

    the Gazette-Times and OEA, to name two, think that the mere fact that Andy Olson is the incumbent is sufficient reason to endorse him. the GT was just being lazy — they've given very little in-depth coverage to the HD15 race (gots them a nice, juicy murder case what needs every possible resource) and the OEA, while generally representing the cause of teachers and schools very well, is just being cowardly. like many, they think the race is hopeless, so they try to suck up to a loathsome, anti-education incumbent by giving him their endorsement the same way Lot tried to turn over his daughter to the howling mob in Sodom.

    HD15 is not hopeless, however; it's just tough. the district leans to the right, but this is a year in which many who lean right are not going to vote that way. this is a year in which conservatives are turning their back on the president and the GOP. does that mean HD15 Rs and NAVs, especially in Linn County, will not support Olson? probably not, and probably not enough Dems and leftish NAVs will turn in ballots to offset the mindless rote voting of the right.

    but for the OEA and others to give up in advance is reprehensible! this is a year to back good candidates in hopeless causes. all across the country, Dems who originally stood no chance are on the brink of victory. imagine if the OEA had backed Sam from the beginning, had had the guts to stand up for education and not play politics with a man who spent $500 of his own money to write in the Voters Pamphlet why he thought we should vote Yes on 43.

    Dems in Linn County! contact John Puma, go to the Linn Co Dems website, or Sam's website, or Farmer Dan Thackaberry's. give 3 stinkin' hours to help get rid of Andy Olson, the ultimate empty suit, and Fred Girod, the ultimate stuffed shirt. prove to politics-first groups like the OEA that if they put their cause first — if they support the true pro-education candidates, like Sam — then they can get rid of people like Andy Olson who cause harm to our schools.

    3 hours, folks. you can make a couple dozen calls and get get a handful of votes for Sam, for Ted, for victory. call the campaigns and help. thanks.

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    Thank you TA. Other campaigns are certainly welcome to post their own GOTV info.

  • Courtney (unverified)

    I hear that this weekend's Bus Trip is going to be raucous.

  • Jesse B. (unverified)

    Actually, 27% as of Thursday is good compared to 2002. Same time 2002, returns were at 23%.

    <h2>We need to keep it up.</h2>
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