Proud of Our Congressional D's

Steve Novick

Congressman Wu's BlueOregon piece today, which correctly describes Bush's latest proposal as an "escalation" of the war, is a reminder that as far as Iraq is concerned, we can be proud of the Oregon Democrats in Congress. Ron, Darlene, David, Earl and Peter voted against the war. Earl is now introducing legislation saying "no more troops." Unlike Senator Smith, who is trying to be on both sides of the issue, our Congressional D's all understand that the American people want Congress to be a surge protector, not an escalation enabler. Kudos, and rock on.

  • geoffludt (unverified)

    It'd be nice if they remembered they were not elected as Commanders in Chiefs but as Legislators.

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    geoffludt should explore that difference between the powers of a US president and those of a dictator. For the time being, at least, sections of our constitution, including congressional power over the budget and the power to declare war remain in force.

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    I'm proud of our Congressional Ds but also these outstanding Smith pieces by Novick. Smith should be held to account, and if the state's largest paper refuses to look at Smith's cynical manuevers with a critical eye, at least there's one outlet that's giving this stunt the attention it deserves.

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