Snow Day!

Around the region, snowballs are flying, kids are sledding, and lots of winter fun is being had. For breaking "Snow Day!" news - your best bet in the blogosphere is the Bojack Storm Center 9000.

Meanwhile, Seattle's KING-5 has posted online video from Portland of 15 sliding-on-ice car crashes in Goose Hollow. A truly amazing video.


Update: Over at Mercury Blogtown, Commissioner Randy Leonard posts this comment: "With one picture you have destroyed a public persona I have spent decades developing." See the photo he's talking about here.

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    When will Portland learn that if start plowing snow BEFORE it gets packed down by traffic, the entire city doesn't have to shut down till it melts?

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    Y'all don't have the market cornered on wacky weather just the UK got massive windstorms, killing at least nine people. The Scots even got snow with their wind (just so I could stay on topic).

    The Beeb has some good photos of the damage.

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