Work for Peace

Marc Abrams

On a day the newspaper reports that President Bush’s decision-making process for Iraq includes the options (a) send 9000 more troops, or (b) send 30,000 more troops, I just wanted to pass along an opportunity for activism some of you might be interested in.

The Granny Peace Brigade,, is holding an "action" January 18th, in Washington DC, meeting with members of Congress and staff and presenting a series of demands, starting with Bringing the Troops Home Now, stopping of funding for the war, and no establishment of permanent bases in Iraq. They want to remind the Senators that the November election was a clear mandate to end the war and occupation.

Granny constituents from 15 states are going to DC on the 18th. For those for whom that would be a hardship, they are asking for people within those other states (Oregon being one) instead to contact their Senators in their home offices. Their website has information on recommendations for the Senators, talking points and other background material.

GPB began with a vigil at Rockefeller Center in January 2004 to bring the troops home and will soon be in its third year. In October 2005 a group of Grannies was arrested at the Times Square Recruiting Center, with charges subsequently dismissed after a five day trial. In June-July 2006 a trek (with bus) was organized from NY to DC to meet with other peace groups and to protest outside recruiting centers along the route.

The contact phone number is 212-533-2125. There is also information about the 18th posted at

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