George Taylor: Actually, don't listen to me on global warming.

Over at the OLCV Blog, they've got a report from OMSI's global warming showdown Tuesday night between Phil Mote (the Washington State Climatologist) and George Taylor (the guy who is not Oregon's state climatologist.)

George Taylor, of course, is the meteorologist who believes global warming isn't happening. Reporting on the evening's most telling interaction, OLCV's Tresa reports:

1 question from the audience summed up the night:

To paraphrase: If we choose to follow one of these perspectives and we find out in 20 years we chose wrong, which incorrect choice is worse?

George Taylor quietly stated that we would probably be worse off if we chose to believe him and it turned out he was wrong. As this erroneous decision would have caused us to take passive action and make little investments to curb greenhouse gases.

Phil Mote's reponse? God, I hope I'm wrong. I really hope I'm wrong. I really, really hope I'm wrong.

Read the rest and discuss at the OLCV Blog.


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