MoveOn rolls out Gordon Smith ad has launched an ad campaign targeting Senator Gordon Smith.

From the Oregonian:

A national advocacy group began airing a television ad on Wednesday that criticizes Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith's most recent vote on Iraq. ... "At the end of the day, when it came time to take a stand, the senator wouldn't take a position," said Nita Chaudhary, a campaigner. "To me, that is endorsing the president's plan."

Watch the ad:

Donate to MoveOn to help air the ad.


  • Terry (unverified)

    I'm glad that the net roots and organizations such as are actually taking some action, unlike the damn Democrats in Washington.

  • GawD (unverified)

    Read the article in the Oregonian about this. Old Gordo seems to living in that same bizzaro bush world where up is down, left is right, the sky yellow and the sun blue.

    His spokesman explained Smith's vote as "an effort to expand, not restrict debate on Iraq."

    Oh, and since the ad is put out by an "extreme and partisan organization" well, all the more reason to buy into Gordo's contradictions.

    Despicable beyond belief.

  • Terry Clueless (unverified)

    Yes, kudos to MoveOn for putting an ad up. It's sad but true, but the best way to get the Oregonian and other mainstream outlets to right a story is to buy one -- run an ad and suddenly it's hard news.

    So give credit to MoveOn for playing the game that now parades as news, but where does the "unlike damn Democrats" come from? Terry is the type of self defeating purist that prefers being in the minority b/c his arguments remain uncorrupted by compromise even if it means progress. The perfect must always get in the way of the good. It righteous, but damn ineffective.

    Have you actually been watching Congress since Democrats have taken over. They delivered the 100 hours agenda and have been extraordinarily disciplined and strategic. And the only reason we're now having a real debate on Iraq in this country is b/c Democrats are in charge.

    Like it or lump, the Democratic Party is and will continue to be the progressive party in this country and the only effective vehicle in opposition to George Bush.

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