Progressive Happy Hour

Jesse Cornett

After my last post on a serious issue....

First Fridays have become one of my favorite days of the month because of a little gathering known as Progressive Happy Hour. Early on, we mentioned Progressive Happy Hour (PHH) here on Blue Oregon but haven’t in a long time.

Usually PHH is at a smoky dive bar (because I usually choose the spot, love the dive bars and mean the word in an endearing way and when we’ve sought to listen to the occasional non-smoker and go with smoke free venues, the complainant rarely bothers to show up and besides, after this legislative session we stand a pretty good chance they'll all be non-smoking). According to the PHH website the gathering is: “a monthly gathering of progressive hacks, activists, politicos, and assorted groupies. No agenda, no boring speeches, no nothing - just drinks.”

So join us tonight. And if you work the room trying to line up support for something, bring flyers for a candidate or ask when the agenda starts, somebody will probably make fun of you.

The Galaxy. 909 East Burnside. Tonight (February 2). 5:30.

  • Ryan Manion (unverified)

    Hi Guys,

    I was the complaintant last summer. :) I asked for a smoke-free venue because I was pregnant (not going to drink, of course) and then I wasn't able to make it because I had to go on bedrest. But I still won't go if the place isn't smoke-free. Aside from the foul smell and that pesky lung disease issue, I think it's important that the progressive community support businesses that are smoke-free by choice. Portland is chock full of great smoke-free, cheap bars. So I guess I'm renewing my complaint.

    Thanks, Ryan

  • Sandra (unverified)

    I've wanted to go to Progressive Happy Hour as well...but you really need to have a non-smoking event at least ONCE!


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    Please? Every other event I ever do is in nonsmoking venues. PHH is itself at least 50/50 in nonsmoking. Last month for instance. The many times we've gone to Acme and other nonsmoking venues also. Like I said, they'll all likely be nonsmoking soon but until then or until someone kicks me off of choosing the spot we'll stick with 50/50 and that's only so the unpatronizing nonsmokers like Ryan can join us sometimes.

  • EugeneDem (unverified)

    Eugene also has a Progressive Happy Hour. And, being that we are in Eugene, every bar is smoke free. This month's venue is Good Times. Eugene Area Progressive Happy Hour TONIGHT 5:30 pm Good Times

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    FYI, The Galaxy is a kick-butt kareoke bar with an HUGE selection of songs. I wish I could make it tonight (kid- duty trumps play time) but the next time a bunch of progressives want to get together and kareoke like its 1999, post it and just like Michael Jackson sings... I'll be there!

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    Hey, if the Healthy Kids plan passes, it will be your progressive DUTY to hold these things in smoke-filled bars, and to smoke until you can't see anymore. Those insurance plans aren't going to fund themselves.

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    Eugene also has a Progressive Happy Hour. Just a minor correction, the Progressive Happy Hour in Eugene is officially known as Pinko's and Beer. There is a smoking area outside for those who need it. Good Times is a fine establishment with inexpensive beer, fried food and sports on TV. No fancy stuff for us, just Pinko's and Beer.

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    We've had it at nonsmoking venues before. Sometimes, I get complaints from people - "How come you never do it at nonsmoking venues?" - even when the last three in a row have been a nonsmoking places.

    It's gotten so I don't even bother responding anymore. If you don't know how to figure out whether a bar is nonsmoking or not, you don't get to complain.

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    There's this cool newish place on southeast 12th & Yamhill called the Roadside Attraction. It has a somewhat covered outdoors (with some heaters) for smokers, and the inside is all non-smoking. The drinks are cheap and the bartenders are friendly.

    Full disclosre: I don't own the place or work there, but I hang out there all the time.

    So have it there and I'll buy a round.

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    Would love to come, but just about anything that happens in the evening is out for me since I have a toddler. My husband's work has him on evenings, which means it's either kid-friendly or I'm at home.

    Yes, I could get a babysitter. But since I already have to get my sister to watch Abby for monthly dems meetings, east suburban dems meetings, and now Gresham City Council meetings (I'm planning a run in '08), I can't ask any more out of her.

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    I've never heard of these get-togethers! Is there a way to get some advance notice of when and where? I, myself, am a non-smoker, but I don't care what the venue is. I just want to be there!

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    Google might help. Otherwise, ask a friend.

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