Super Bowl Ads

Charlie Burr


For those who follow Super Bowl advertising nearly as much of the game, this morning's New York Times has a feature mapping Super Bowl ads since 1984-- including a handful of the best spots from each year.

Check it out here.

  • Sports Bettor (unverified)

    Wow. I completely forgot that the Bud frogs first appeared at the Super Bowl. Those things were around forever. Much better than the Bud Bowl. That thing is an annual running disaster.

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    IFILM has all the old ads and will be posting 2007 ads as they happen. Check out

  • Coffeetrader (unverified)

    This year I thought the quality of the original commercials were not as good as before. During the game I was booing and hissing at their presentation.

    Putting those aside, I do miss there from playing the Bud Bowl. Now that is one in which it is not already known ahead of time whom is going to win and/or lose. Maybe next year.

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    Some of my favorites were those created by fans.

    I did get a good laugh out of the knuckle bump one, though. It was the only one that I really laughed out loud at.

    I liked the one Frito Lay did showing people all over the U.S. watching the game, rooting for the two teams, asking "who's winning" and then it saying all of us.

    I'm a weirdo, though. I not only watch for the commercials, but also for the game. Makes it hard when you need to run to the bathroom or get more food-- when do you take your break? ; )

    I guess that comes from growing up in a small rural town in Texas where sports were extremely important. Between covering them for the yearbook and then the town's weekly paper, plus required attendance at many games as part of Student Council, I became a big fan of sports. Particularly football, baseball, and basketball.

    <h2>I tell you what, nothing scares a coach like watching a young teenager girl get tackled by two 250+lb football players in the sidelines of the end zone or seeing her get beamed in the head by a baseball, sans helmet. Especially when she's not one of the players in the game.</h2>

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