Presidential Candidates: Q1 Deadline

At this stage of the presidential race, fundraising is everything. On Saturday, the first quarter reporting period ends - and we'll soon find out which candidates raised the most money (or more to the point, which ones "exceeded expectations") and which ones fell short.

So, a question for BlueOregon readers: Have you donated to a 2008 presidential candidate yet? If so, which one? If not, why not?

And to make it easy, here's the easy-to-use ActBlue donation form. Your money goes directly to the candidate of your choice (and hey, BlueOregon gets a little credit - for whatever that's worth!)

Joe Biden (President)$
Hillary Clinton (President)$
Chris Dodd (President)$
John Edwards (President)$
Al Gore for President Draft Fund$
Mike Gravel (President)$
Dennis Kucinich (President)$
Barack Obama (President)$
Bill Richardson (President)$


  • Phil Jones (unverified)

    Ha, Ha, don't everyone volunteer at once!

    Caveat Emptor!

  • KTatActBlue (unverified)

    Very nice looking box. :) And what a nice surprise, I was just in the middle of indexing the Oregon blogosphere for our records!

  • (Show?)

    I gave to John Edwards' campaign.

    He's the only leading candidate I hear talking seriously about poverty issues, while also being bold on the war and providing specific policy solutions instead of sound bites.

  • mbraymen (unverified)

    I am for (and sent money to) Gov. Bill Richardson. Why? His take on issues is very close to my own, he is not a Senator, he has excelent credentials (especially foreign policy and energy), and he is not from the northeast.

  • Stew Roberts (unverified)

    I donated the max to Hillary.

    1) We need to do everything possible to stop the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) 2) We desparately need free health care for all Amerikans. 3) Hillary is the smartest woman in the world and defintely the smartest candidate in the race. 4) Since firearms are the cause of countless violence in the US, all firearms should be confiscated. Hillary can get this done. 5) Under Clinton the milary was defunded and dismantled - we need to continue this effort. The UN should be taking care of world conflicts not the US. We don't need a military. 6) Make gay sex ed mandatory in all Public Schools. This will help stop the spread of AIDS and create a more understanding learning environment.

    Thanks, Stew

  • (Show?)

    Thanks for the prompt. Using your form, I just made my first donation of the 2008 presidential cycle. It was to John Edwards. I was on the fence for awhile due to prior longstanding affection for Hillary Clinton, but I just couldn't bring myself to support her at this stage.

    Four years ago on a trip to Paris, shortly after the beginning of the Iraq war (back in the era of "freedom fries" and "freedom toast"), I walked into a dress shop on boulevard Haussmann and found that the proprietor wasn't interested in selling me any dresses or even showing me any dresses -- she wanted to talk about Hillary Clinton, how much she admired Hillary Clinton, and how much she hoped that Hillary Clinton would be President of the United States one day. (She went on to express what struck me as the ineffably French sentiment that Mrs. Clinton was not only very intelligent, but also "very attractive for a woman of her age.") Dredging up my six years of schoolgirl French (which did not include most of the vocabuiary required for this kind of conversation), I told her that Mrs. Clinton was controversial and that many people in the US didn't like her very much and would never vote for her. The shopkeeper's reply: "If I lived in the United States, I would vote for her." Touched by her devotion, I rashly promised her that if Hillary Clinton ever did run for President, "I will vote for her for you." She beamed.

    I will be sorry to let the nice Frenchwoman down, but unless Hillary actually gets nominated, I don't think she's getting my vote after all. And as much as I admire John Edwards and am glad to support him, this makes me deeply sad.

  • (Show?)

    Just under the wire I donated $10 to both the Edwards and Obama campaigns. Down with Hillary Clinton!

  • Ms Mel Harmon (unverified)

    Gave (and will continue to give) to Obama. I like that he isn't scared of saying "I don't know". I like that he's willing to discuss issues in a rational manner.

    I also like Edwards but he seems TOO nice...I don't see enough strength there to convince folks he can and will make the hard calls (not that he WOULDN'T, just that he doesn't show that and he needs to in order to get elected). As for Clinton, well, Mama always said "don't vote for any person that you wouldn't feel comfortable leaving your purse with while you went to the restroom"...which is some of the best advice I ever heard...bottom line, entirely subjective, I don't trust Hillary. Obama's my choice.

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