Video: John Edwards in Portland, last week

Thanks to MyDD, we've now got a snippet of video of the surprise visit that Senator John Edwards made to the emergency veto rally hosted by


  • He_Lives_On (unverified)

    10.0 for the Elvis look! Dead ringer with that snarl.

  • Ibid. (unverified)

    Wow, don't care.

    Edwards took us to war. He's also said such bungling things as how he can't get over what he learned about right and wrong in Sunday School as a child in the south (60 Minutes), so can't accept marriage equality for gays (said we should have some protections.

    Imagine, counting on a candidate who 'can't overcome what he learned in sunday school about gays' - not the kind of person I'm interested in engaging with.

  • Demmaker (unverified)

    When is BO going to cover Bill Richardson? He is by far the most qualified Democratic candidate, and in my opinion the only one who could actually win the main election.

    The "Big Three" get enough coverage in the regular press. Blogs should be able to better cover the outside bets...

    His latest commercials are great:

  • He_Lives_On (unverified)

    I'm with Demmaker

  • (Show?)

    When is BO going to cover Bill Richardson?

    First, don't call it BO. That's gross. If you can't be bothered to spell out BlueOregon, then just "Blue" will do.

    Second, our focus is primarily on Oregon here. John Edwards visited Oregon. Bill Richardson, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have not.

    Third, we had a guest column about Bill Richardson earlier this year.

    <h2>Fourth, feel fre to write a guest column yourself. Unlike most blogs, we're pretty much wide open to the community. Just be interesting, be concise, be Blue, and be Oregon. (And don't send a press release.)</h2>
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