Doubling solar power production in Oregon

Over at his new blog, Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen proposes doubling the amount of solar power produced in Oregon. How? By putting solar-power panels on County buildings.

Something you probably don’t know: Multnomah County government uses 42 million kilowatts of electricity a year, the majority of which come from power plants burning fossil fuels. In other words, we’re part of the problem. The good news is that we can be part of the solution, too.

This Thursday, I’m introducing a resolution to develop the largest solar energy facility in the Northwest on the rooftops of Multnomah County’s buildings. Collectively, the solar panels mounted on County buildings will more than double the total amount of solar energy produced in Oregon. The project will also lower the County’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 700 tons per year.

Cogen talks about how much it'll cost - and addresses the great question of solar power in Oregon ("doesn't it rain here?").

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