A new Oregon lefty blog: Beaver Boundary

It's only the first week, but already Beaver Boundary is getting in the game with some thoughtful analysis of Oregon politics. It's authored by the pseudonymous "Taoiseach", who often comments here at BlueOregon.

Regarding the mid-term departure of Senator Ryan Deckert (to become the president of the Oregon Business Association), Taoiseach takes note of possible candidates:

Like all other Oregon Senate seats, it is divided into two seats in the House of Representatives, House Districts 27 (to the east) and 28 (to the west), which are occupied by Rep. Tobias Read and Rep. Jeff Barker, respectively. But perhaps most interestingly, it is the Senate District where Read’s predecessor, Mark Hass (D-Raleigh Hills), resides. ...

Assuming Hass is in, who are the other possibilities? There is, of course, Tobias Read, but then again Read owes part of his extremely-narrow primary victory over Mike Bohan to Mark Hass, who endorsed Read in the primary. So a campaign by Read against Hass is unlikely. Furthermore, Barker seems comfortable in the House and is probably close to finishing his legislative career. Another four years may be longer that the commitment he’s willing to make.

Since 95% of the Democrats of SD 14 reside in Washington County, with the remainder in Multnomah, the slate of 3 to 5 nominees submitted to the two Boards of Commissioners will likely be full of Democrats form the Washington County side.

An auspicious start for a new blog. Head over to Beaver Boundary to discuss.


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