Darcy Burner says thank you.

On Friday, Kari Chisholm asked you to donate a few bucks to Washington congressional candidate Darcy Burner -- because her opponent, Congressman Dave Reichert, was going to host George W. Bush at a half-million-dollar fundraiser.

Blogs across netroots nation declared a $100,000 goal. So far, she's shot past $123,000. Darcy's thankful:

And if you didn't toss in your five bucks yet - do it here.

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    You're welcome. It was our pleasure.

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    these video clips by Darcy have been rather uneven; at times they veer so far into "authentic" territory that traffic noise or the hair blowing in her face kind of distracts from the message. But this one is really good. There's a little music bed to hide the background hum; it's fairly short and has a specific point that doesn't make it seem like someone just turned on the camera to follow her around, and boy does it make people who participated feel like they're part of something special!

    The commercial the bloggers made for her appeal was even better (and how cool to see Goldy and Mcjoan, among others!), and it's something we Oregonian bloggers should remember once we're through this primary and it's time to start raising money against the Pea Machine.

  • Evan (unverified)

    Thanks Kari for bringing my attention to this.

    I donated $5 and felt good about it.

    Now that I see a really cool and different thank you video from Darcy, it feels like I gave $1,000!

    It. Just. Feels. Good.

    And how nice is Darcy!!! It shines through to her soul.

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    Well you only got a fiver from me, you're welcome! Now go kick some butt!

  • Trollbot9000 (unverified)

    But of course if our current president were a Democrat, no matter how inept, a Democratic candidate would be bending over backward to host he/she at a fund raising dinner. Sorry, I'm stating the obvious here. I digress. Repubicans bad, Democrats good. Carry on.

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    <h2>And Republicans would be using the occasion to do some counterfundraising of their own. Republicans aren't bad, just their leaders' pro-fatcat elitist anti-people, anti-worker, anti-equality and anti-environmental policies, rigid ideological orthodoxies, and manipulative intellectually dishonest rhetoric and political practices. Same goes for the too many Dems who try to me-too the Republicans. Hate the sins, not the sinner, as the saying goes.</h2>
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