Interview With Bill Bradbury

Local party activist Moses Ross has another in his ongoing series of podcasts Democratic candidates, elected officials, and party activists.  In this edition, the first of two parts, he talks with Secretary of State Bill Bradbury.  The main topic is the US Senate race, and Bradbury discusses what is different now from when he lost to Smith in '02. They also discuss vote-by-mail.

Listen to the podcast.

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  • Godzilla (unverified)

    If Gordon Smith had been Oregon's Secretary of State, we wouldn't have 150,000 illegal aliens registered to vote.

  • (Show?)

    Mind the troll folks; don't feed him.

  • (Show?)

    not even a GOOD troll. Where the heck did 150K come from??

  • (Show?)

    It came from the usual place trolls pull their numbers from.

  • (Show?)

    Had Gordon Smith been SOS someone else would have been the Jr. US Senator from Oregon.:)


  • Harry (unverified)

    Posted by: Jeff Alworth | Aug 2, 2007 10:47:23 AM "Mind the troll folks; don't feed him."


    TJ, Sue and Fred:

    Hello, can't you guys read? Jeff said not to feed the trolls!

    Get back to the topic at hand.

  • Thomas Ware (unverified)

    I had no idea there were even 150,000 Martians and Venetians in the state, illegally at that, let alone registered to vote.

    <h2>Godzilla, you are the byproduct of a creature of indeterminable sex having sex with a pig, or maybe a goat... you should be put in a bag with a few rocks and tossed in the river.</h2>
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