LeLo thinks Ira Glass is dreamy, but she's boycotting anyway.

BadiraglassOn October 7, public radio star Ira Glass of This American Life is coming to Portland for a live gig. That's an event that's sure to set lots of lefty hearts aflutter in this public-radio lovin' town.

And as much as she wants to see Ira live and in-person, blogger LeLo in NoPo won't be there.

If you listen to OPB you’ve heard the recent promos for the upcoming visit from Ira Glass, my beloved host of This American Life to Portland, Oregon. But the really weird thing is WHERE he’s reading. New Hope Community Church? Say what? ...

New Hope Community Church who is one of many churches right now actively seeking signatures against Oregon’s newly passed laws of civil unions and protections against discrimination. ...

I love Oregon Public Broadcasting, and I love Ira Glass, but there’s no way I’m walking into a church that doesn’t accept me for who I am, and who works against me, to hear him. I just can’t do that. And Oregon Public Broadcasting? They evidently can do that no problem, and are paying a pretty penny for the use of the venue. Yep, they’re paying New Hope, a place that is actively and monetarily working to encourage discrimination, for the use of their venue for the wonderfully inclusive and pro-LGBT Ira Glass to speak.

And, apparently, since OPB won't change the venue, LeLo wants us to leave Ira a message at his home station: Chicago Public Radio, 312-948-4600. After all, as Lelo puts it, "Do you think Ira Glass would really support that if he knew?"

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