First photo: Little Wydens

Here's the first look at little William Peter Wyden and Ava Rose Wyden - the brand-new twins of Ron and Nancy Wyden. Cell phone photo credit to Josh Kardon, the Senator's chief of staff.


(Hat tip to Loaded Orygun.)

Meanwhile, the Oregonian has the story of their departure from OHSU:

Dad, being a U.S. senator, joked about which of the twins was the "senior sibling." Mom laughed a lot and talked about how happy she was four days after the birth of her first children. ...

"Oregon families are always juggling and that's what the Wydens are going to be doing as well," said Wyden, who has a 23-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter from his first marriage. "This is going to be a hectic year, obviously, but we're thrilled that we can have the twins here for a few weeks, and then we've remodeled our place back in D.C. so it is twins' friendly and it's going to be exciting to have them there. And we're looking forward to their first Thanksgiving."

And for the record, Ava is the senior sibling, by 45 seconds.


  • verasoie (unverified)

    Congrats to the parents. It makes you wonder if the kids will ever get a chance to vote for their dad.

  • (Show?)

    As the father of three year old (very cute) twins, I advise taking naps whenever possible. Which won't be often.

  • (Show?)

    Well, let's see here... they'd be 18 in 2025. If continuously re-elected, their dad will be on the ballot in 2010, 2016, 2022, and 2028. In 2028, he'll be 79 years old. Not an impossible age for a U.S. Senator (especially one as healthy as Ron Wyden) but it's still a long time from now.

  • Anon (unverified)

    How wonderful!


  • Admiral Naismith (unverified)

    Lookee! It's two new Democrats!

    By 2010, they'll be canvassing for their Daddy.

  • Lewis (unverified)

    45 seconds apart? Poor mamma. They are so cute!

  • Jeff (unverified)

    Congratulations to the Wyden family! Two new Oregonians that will be loved and nurtured by excellent parents. They will keep you young (well, that's what everybody told us). At the least they will keep you proud and happy!

    All the best!

  • (Show?)

    Rev Chuck said: "I advise taking naps whenever possible."
    This has been a very successful strategy for Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney and several members of Congress! Cute kids, Mazol Tov to our favorite "Ron & Nancy"!

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