HD45: Jon Coney and Cyreena Boston are in.

So far, two candidates have announced that they're running for State Representative in House District 45; Jon Coney, and Cyreena Boston. The district covers a wide swath of Northeast Portland, Maywood Park, and Parkrose (map). The seat is currently held by Rep. Jackie Dingfelder, who is running for the Oregon Senate.

Boston_3 Cyreena Boston is the former Constituency Director for the Democratic Party of Oregon, a former social worker, and a trainer for Campus Camp Wellstone.

Three weeks ago, I took the leap and announced my decision to be HD 45's next State Representative.

Since then, I have knocked on over 500 doors. I learned that not only was this a good decision- its the best one I've made yet! When one makes the decision to lead through service, there is a shift in the paradigms of power. One becomes a part of a collective voice, fighting for the Common Good. People are excited about the next wave of leadership in Salem!

Until May 20, 2008 I will prove to our friends, families and neighbors that I am the best choice for NE Portland, Maywood Park and Parkrose.

Donate and find more at FriendsofCyreena.com

Jon Coney works for the Metro Council, and formerly worked in the Governor's Office under Governor Kitzhaber.

As a parent, husband, and resident of Northeast Portland, I am passionate about the health and future of our community - our local public schools, clean air and water, safe streets where kids can walk and bike, and job and housing opportunities so all families can prosper and enjoy their lives.

During this campaign, I am offering you ideas and a desire to make long-term progress on these things that we value. As your legislator, I will work to fix the financial boom-and-bust cycles that hound Oregon year after year and hamstring the Legislature's ability to invest adequately and reliably in the fabric of our community.

This is not an easy task. We need dedicated, experienced, optimistic people to straighten out our revenue system and make it more pregressive so it's more fair to middle class taxpayers. In return, we citizens will receive more preducatble, stable funding for pre-and K-12 schools, community colleges and higher education, health care and human services, environmental sustainability, and transportation and public safety.

Donate and find more at ConeyforRep.com.

State filings for District 45 indicate that Michael Dembrow is also a candidate.

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    Cyreena is a smart and passionate consensus-builder. She's got my support.

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    Cyreena will be an excellent legislator for NE Portland and for Oregon.

    I look forward to supporting her bid.

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    Me too Andrew.

    From the Googles it looks like Mr. Coney would be an able biz/enviro candidate, although he had the misfortune of being the spokesman for Pacific Corp during the Fish Kill Wars, backing the uitility's commitment to allocate more water to the steelhead;

    And Mr. Dembrow seems to be a good union/enviro who represented PCC on a variety of issues.

    Still, Cyreena has youth and insider experience and will be a fresh face sorely needed in representing Portland's African American community in Salem. We've gotta get these bright younger folks involved in the big stuff and she has certainly paid her dues........Oh, and she did get a little mention/photo in the O last week.

    Go Serena....

  • HD45REZ (unverified)

    thank you to both candidates. because of you all we have a great election ahead of us and j.smith having to run outside of my district.

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    YAY Cyreena! She's so smart, passionate and a great advocate of under-served communities. I'm filling out that envelope!

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    I had the opportunity to work with Cyreena numerous times over the past year and a half, and I think she would make a great state legislator.

    She is smart and has a firm grasp on the district's needs, changing demographics, etc.

    Cyreena has 100% of my support and whatever help I can give her.

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    I hope both of these fine candidates contact www.multdems.org to attend the Mutnomah CC meetings and meet the party movers and shakers.

  • Logan Gilles (unverified)

    I think Michael Dembrow will make an excellent state legislator. I've spoken with him a couple of times when he was lobbying the lege for more community college funding. He's a bright guy with a good head on his shoulders.

    It sounds like there are three strong candidates here to choose from.

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    As a Democratic Party officer, I'm supposed to remain neutral in primaries. And I do, really. (My code name is Switzerland.) Most of the time.

    But I live in District 45, and I've had a chance to work with Cyreena. I love her! So, I'm breaking the guidelines and proudly supporting Cyreena.

  • 3113nepdx (unverified)

    I'm supporting Cyreena all the way. She's young, bright, and driven, and knows what it will take to lift up HD 45. Also, she's the only one I know who's actively engaging people about her run. HD 45 needs somebody like her who's been active in the community and is eager to engage people if we want to move forward.

  • Ron Buel (unverified)

    How lucky we are to live in Irvington and have two great candidates running for Jackie Dingfelder's seat.
    I see Cyreena has supporters pushing for her on this blog. But don't count Jon Coney out. He is exceptionally knowledgeable from his eight years in Kitzhaber's office, and his time on staff at Metro. He will work hard and listen well. His politics will be every bit as progressive as those of Cyreena.

  • Rahna (unverified)

    Cyreena Boston is a progressive, young, gutsy, energetic, intelligent young professional who shakes up Oregon politics. I have worked with Cyreena and find her to be a breath of fresh air! She will be an amazing legislator! I'm with you all the way girl!

  • V-Man (unverified)
    <h2>Go Coney go! Jon has all the capabilities of maneuvering through the Salem gauntlet. His adult life has been in Salem and in his district, so I have no worries about his ability to connect with both places.</h2>
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