Merkley and Novick at the DPO Summit

Thanks to the Washington County Democrats, we've got video of the joint appearance of U.S. Senate candidates Speaker Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick.

Visit Google Video to see many more videos from the Summit.


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    Woot to the WashCo Dems!!!

  • Lupita Maurer (unverified)

    A big thanks to ADAM GRETZINGER for video taping everything, instead of eating his food.

    Lupita Maurer

  • tedstr79 (unverified)

    Novick isn't afraid to name his policies up front by naming specific bills. I especially like how he supports multiple health care bills. It will be a battle to get health care passed. We need someone who will lift all boats, Novick may not be pretty like 'old Gordy Smith, but he's got a bit heart, unlike Mr. Smith. Go Novick..

  • jimmy (unverified)

    I noticed that Novick attacked Merkley on that resolution to support the war. While I dislike the Democratic candidates attacking eachother I think its an important point, why did Merkley give Bush the benefit of the doubt. He's a republican and should never have been trusted. Mr. Merkley didn't get a chance to respond to that point in the video. But i'm wondering from people what his response to Novick's remark about that? What about all of the other Democratic law makers who voted along with him? Foul move? Wondering why we didn't get other Oregon House Democratic candidates being critized for the same reason.

    Also, do folks know there are actually 3 democratic candidates in the Oregon Senate Race? The third candidate is Candy Neville from the Eugene area. Where was she?

  • Alex (unverified)

    They are both a friend of labor, but I think Novick will go the extra step.

    Novick made quite a few points, I think its important to look at them all not just the Merkley comment:

    • Employee Free Choice Act will sign on the first day in the senate. Shared prosperity because Labor Unions like in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.
    • Sanders/Boxer Global Warming Bill - Promotes reductions by investing in renewables
    • Support Multiple health care bills: Hillary, Edwards, Obama, Wyden, and Single Payer
    • Supports a bill to end Capitol gain tax discounts versus people who earn wages. People should pay the same tax rate as people who earn wages. Wants to put this up there as a stand alone bill to embarrass republicans!
    • Wants to have the IRS send every tax payer a thank you note, along with an accounting of what the money is spend on.
    • Smith was a sponsor for overseas tax breaks for only multi-national companies likes Pfizer. They took home $11 Billion dollars in tax breaks! And then they laid off 10 to 15 thousand people, after it was claimed it would create jobs.
    • Gordon Smith voted for a minimum wage bill that would have reduced the wages for restaurant workers, even in Oregon!
    • Mr. Merkley voted for a resolution in March of 2003 that acknowledged the courage of the president, his cabinet, and support for the troops. This attack has been a little bit of a controversy. But hey, its going to be repeated later by Gordon Smith and the right wing attack dogs.
    • We cannot tolerate an economy that works only for the rich, white people, straight people, or men. Our country must work for everyone and there can be no compromise.
    • In 1981 Regan came in and started cutting financial aid and we have to restore it so college students aren't deep in debt. Low and middle income kids need an education too.
    • Novick has a job with the Justice Department where he sued polluters on behalf of the federal government. He enforced the clean air act, the clean water act, cleaned up toxic waste sites. He recovered 129 million from the Love Canal.
    • He was chief of staff for the Democrats in the state Senate.
    • Policy director for Governor Kulongoski's campaign in 2002.
    • In the 2000 election he ran a non-profit to fight Bill Sizemore. He participated in legal battles over the ballot measures. He was part of the fight against measure 91, built a coalition to defeat it.
    • If we tell the truth the people will come to us. The people do get it.
    Sounds like he's more progressive then even Wyden.
  • genop (unverified)

    Blue O, as a resident from S. Oregon thanks for posting the candidate views presented at the summit. Thanks too Jimmy for linking to yet another candidate. Ms. Neville says we can no longer afford to be ignorant. Like believing the pablum linking Saddam to 9/11 and the non-existent WMDs. I would add we must be vigilant in electing future leaders who will do the heavy lifting to fix this mess. Being able to access the candidate views on this site helps blunt the ignorance which results in the election of leaders like Senators Smith and Walden. I credit Merkley for mentioning Smith's support for off-shore business interests. His remarks were inspirational. I was also impressed with Novick's specificity in identifying bills he supports and those he would sponsor. Now, I need to hear Merkley's response to dealing with the apparent hypocrisy in voting to support the pre-emptive overthrow of Saddam while criticising Smith on the issue. Thanks for helping inform my decision, I will stayed tuned.

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    Posted by: jimmy | Oct 11, 2007 4:22:51 PM ...why did Merkley give Bush the benefit of the doubt.

    He didn't. He stood on the floor before voting and said that he didn't think Iraq was a threat, thought invasion was not warranted and would not help the security of the United States, but was only voting for the resolution to show support for those that had just been sent into the line of fire, though he disagreed with the rationale that put them there.

  • A (unverified)

    Don't you think if he didn't want to support the courage of Draft Dodger George Bush he could have either offered an amendment or just plain have voted no. I understand this was a dirty republican trick. But as a leader (perhaps not at that time) he should have been very ready to fight republican tricks.

  • Gerik (unverified)

    This is considered smearing Jeff Merkley with GOP talking points?

    Sounded more like a campaign critique directed at Democrats regarding the effort to unseat Smith. Last I heard thats a healthy thing in primary elections.


  • Blaine (unverified)

    If he didn't want to support the courage of Draft Dodger George Bush he could have either offered an amendment or just plain have voted no. I understand this was a dirty republican trick.

    Merkley couldn't offer an amendment; the Rs wouldn't allow any.
    Yes it was one of those stupid dirty Republican tricks. And only a symbolic vote.

    But listen to Novick and tell me if you think he'd vote for a stupid Republican measure or would stand up and say that's bu****it and vote no.

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    Personally I'm not all that fussed about Merkley's vote on the support-Bush-to-support-the-troops Javanese shadow puppet show, and I wish Steve Novick would give it up because its an arcane point now. However, it does seem that there was an option Merkley didn't take, which was not to vote at all, or to abstain. In fact, as minority leader he could have organized the Dem caucus to vote their own clean "support the troops" resolution as a caucus, and to abstain en masse or vote no, as they saw fit regarding the best way not to be drawn into the charade.

    I really don't think Merkley will have too much trouble with this vote even if Smith tries to use it to rebut flip-flopping charges, though. Smith's are much more egregious and very recent. That's another reason why I wish Novick, whom I favor over Merkley, would hang it up on this and focus more on his strengths. If Smith goes after this vote, it will be a sign of desperation, and it doesn't look so different coming from Steve.

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    Chris Lowe: Oregon legislators do not have the option of abstaining or voting present. Ever.

    And Merkley could not offer an amendment on the floor because bills are amended in committee--no one can amend a bill on the floor. And Merkley could not simply put forward a resolution of his own--unless Karen Minnis had decided to send it to the floor.

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    Thank you, Patton. Some knowledge of Oregon's legislative procedure goes a long way in this discussion.

  • Bill Michtom (unverified)

    Novick was much more substantive than Merkeley. Merkeley mostly said Gordon Smith/George Bush multiple times. I want a candidate who tells me what he wants to do and what we should do, rather than someone who sounds like another empty suit looking to improve his resume.

  • Shirley A. Woods (unverified)

    I met Mr Novick at the DPO Dinner & Auction in September 2007, he came over to me, looked me in the eye introduced himself, while reaching out to shake my hand. He told me who he is and stated he is running for a seat in the senate and asked me for my vote. Many times people run for office and you don't know who they are. I think that if you can approach a voter when time permits, look the voter in the eye, ask the voter for their vote, and tell the voter what you want to do to make a difference. We both discussed my concerns and he listened to me. Which made me feel as though I am a part of him, if only for a few moments. Well thats a person who deserves to get my support and vote. Also Thank you Bill for not forgetting me and sensding me this e-mail, the video helped me to see who is running and to hear their voice in concerns about why we should vote for either Merkley or Novick.

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