Happy 37th, Exploding Whale!

Charlie Burr

November 12, 1970

  • Eye WitnessNoose (unverified)


    Throughout our future.

    Historians will unanimously note that all of Portland's TV news coverage never was never finer.

    Which is sad all around.

  • Eric Parker (unverified)

    One of O.D.O.T.'s greatest moments.

  • Leslie Carlson (unverified)

    One of O.D.O.T.'s greatest moments.

    And definitely one of Paul Linnman's as well...

  • Rose Wilde (unverified)

    This has got to be the best TV ever. I never thought I'd hear about a downpour of exploded whale blubber on Blue Oregon.

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    Has anyone read Paul Linnman's book that talks about this?

  • Ted (unverified)

    What a stupid idea! Oregon is fortunate to be home to one of nature's own whale disposal services--a Great White Shark population. View this link on YouTube to see how they do it in South Africa when a '35 whale washes up on shore.


    As Oregon has a year around population of 30-40 Great Whites that swells in August and September with seal mating activity, there's plenty of fish out there willing to work for a meal. And you won't have car-crushing pieces of blubber flying through the air.

    The only problem is, we'll have to debate laws that keep morons from climbing on whale carcasses, as they do down in Australia. The Marine Mammal Protection Act doesn't extend to fish.


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    The Marine Mammal Protection Act doesn't extend to fish.

    Well, given that a whale isn't a fish but a marine mammal... or were you talking about the moron climbing on the carcass?

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