The 2007 Kicker Checks: Vote for the Best Message

Chuck Sheketoff

Many people participated in OCPP's contest for the best message on the envelopes containing the kicker checks – the largest kicker in history at 18.6 percent, about $1.1 billion.

We asked the public "If you were the Governor, what message to Oregonians would you place on the envelopes with the kicker checks?"

Jim Barta, James McClain, and Gary Olsen-Hasek submitted the top three entries. They will each get an OCPP coffee mug for being selected as finalists.

Now, it is your time to vote for the best here.

See the results after you vote.

  • Jim (unverified)

    My favorite is:

    Dear Taxpayer,

    Here is your refund. Sorry we overcharged you.

    Enjoy! Gov. Ted

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    I love all three choices!

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    How about this:

    Dear Taxpayer:

    My appointee for the "Taxpayer Representative" seat on the Revenue Restructuring Committee, Chuck Sheketov, believes that you should not be sent this check.

    He represents you the taxpayer by trying to let the government keep more of your money.

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    I didn't participate, but if I had, this is what mine would have been ---


    A message from Governor Kulongoski:

    The "Kicker" law gives you this check because the economy did better than the State economist guessed it would nearly two years ago. Because the State can't save this money, when the economy does worse than the economists guess, schools close, bridges rot, and poor children go hungry.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • oregonj (unverified)

    How about:

    Here is your payment to endure overcrowded emergency rooms, the unending response time for state police services, and a lack of skilled workers trained and available for Oregon employers.

  • Jim (unverified)

    Another suggestion - instruct the legislature to include a postage paid envelope, with the following note:

    Dear Taxpayer,

    If you feel that we could spend this money in more constructive ways, please enclose your kicker check in the enclosed postage paid envelope, which will return it to the state of Oregon.


    I wonder how many checks would be returned? At least some?

  • Larry (unverified)

    Why have a stupid message in the first place?


    On another note, I think that Jenni Simonson(sp) is sending her check back to the state (or a local schools foundation).

    How many of your other faux liberals have the guts to do that? And publically comment here that your are doing it?

    Progressives? Nope, you just want to spend other peoples money on your pet projects, and keep your money for yourself. Selfish Socialists.

    My money is going to be spent for my family (which includes school related, bill paying, etc).

  • David Bean (unverified)

    I did not like the kicker, coincidentally, I did not like my kicker choices on the OCPP site.

    Wanna Dicker? How about these:

    Here is your free money from Oregon. Hope you don't get sick this year for Oregon won't help because of this "Kicker". Or should we call it the "Drop-kicker"?


    This is Oregon's "Kicker" tax refund. It means that your state cannot benefit from good times. Think about it.


    Here is your tax refund for doing.... nothing. "Kicker" in the "header" is clear, if subtle. Perhaps better to call it the "responsibility punter."

  • O. Waltz (unverified)

    I checked line 7e on my 2006 OR tax return which stated "If there is a kicker refund, you want to donate your kicker to the State School Fund". As a willing and patriotic participant in our democratic society, I find the wording of this, as well as the kicker itself, very weird. Since when are the benefits provided by membership in any organization, especially one as important as representative, democratically elected government, considered free of obligation? See how long your magazines keep showing up in your mailbox after you've asked the National Geographic Society for a partial refund of your "donation"?

  • Garlynn -- (unverified)

    Remind me again why the Dems couldn't fix this thing this past year? Are they expected to fix it in the upcoming 2008 session?

  • Steve (unverified)

    "Here is your tax refund for doing.... nothing."

    UH, didn't we earn the money to pay the taxes in the first place?

  • dddave (unverified)

    "Here is your rebate on your overcollected taxes. Please help us overturn the kicker law so PERS can retire at greater than the current 108% of base pay. Oh, and do it for the children...."

    SEND YOUR OWN MONEY IN IF THE PROJECTS DESERVE IT, but please quit asking for MY money.

  • mike (unverified)

    All you whiners who think the government knows how to better spend YOUR money: feel free to send your check back. In fact, send them all of your money and they will take care of you. Ha!

    They are not giving me THEIR money. They are returning MY money.

    I intend to stimulate the economy with my check.

    <h2>Merry Christmas!</h2>

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