The Battle Royale for good policy for Oregon

By Jonathan Manton of Bend, Oregon. Jonathan is a former campaign manager and staffer for State Senator Floyd Prozanski and a a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law.

For good reason the presidential race will be generating lots of attention today. But as we ponder, analyze, and comment on the results, I'd also ask that each of us give a moment - or a weekend - to Oregon.

This weekend – January 11-13th at Montgomery Park in NW Portland - the Bus Project and partners will host the second edition of the Rebooting Democracy Conference. One of many great elements of the conference will be a Policy Battle Royale—where participants will pledge their support to one or more proposed policies. If you're ready to play political offense and generate buzz for good ideas, here's your shot!

Right now, the planners of the conference need your help to round out the field of featured policy choices. At, an online contest is underway (deadline: tonight!). 14 more great ideas will join the 3 winners of the online contest for the Battle Royale next Saturday. Take a minute, pick your favorite idea, and click to show your support.

And while you are there, take another minute to register for the conference. The fun starts on Friday afternoon and goes right on through the weekend. On Sunday, don't miss the debates for the open statewide offices. Some additional folks making an appearance: Thom Hartmann, Norma Paulus, John Kitzhaber, and Heather Smith of Rock the Vote, Seattle sex advice columnist Dan Savage, among many others.

Get on The Bus!

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    Editor's note: Post updated with recent shift in speaker lineup. Smith out, Savage in.

  • Rose Wilde (unverified)

    Yes, yes, I'm a volunteer in Lane County for the Bus Project.

    And I am totally excited for this conference. Thanks Jon for the write up.

    Brown, Avakian and Walker are debating for Secretary of State.

    I'm also delighted at the celebrity line up -- Dan Savage is my rockstar hero.

    I never got all that involved with politics before the Bus Project made politics so positive, fun, and downright productive. So I hope you bring your dancing shoes for the Saturday night festivities, too, cause we're gonna get down.

    excited squeal

  • kaiser (unverified)

    I just voted. Do let us know the results.

  • Chris (unverified)

    How about a policy of not inviting anti-worker, anti-farmer, anti-progressive politicians like Earl Blumenauer to give the welcome address?

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    If it's anything like last year's conference, it's going to be great.

  • Alex (unverified)

    Policy Finalists Announced!

    Check 'em out at

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