The Money Chase: Attorney General Campaign Fundraising Totals

This morning, we reported the 2007 fundraising totals for the Secretary of State race. Now we've got the numbers for the Attorney General candidates - State Representative Greg Macpherson and law professor John Kroger.

As before, a box score and a chart to give some meaning to the numbers - which we'll update monthly. [Editor's note: We've added a methodology clarification below.]


last updated12-26-200712-27-2007
2007 starting balance$0$125,501
current total$120,034$339,744
cash contributions179462
average contribution$613$433
daily pace (last 90)$995$1,672
daily pace (last 30)$982$1,280

[A few technical notes: We retrieved this data from ORESTAR on January 1, 2008. Because campaigns can choose to delay their reporting up to 30 days, some recent data isn't available yet. The "daily pace" is based on the last 30 or 90 days for which we do have data. Our chart starts in July 2007 because most campaigns didn't raise money during the legislative session. The "average contribution" is based on actual cash contributions since January 1, 2007 - while the "current total" includes in-kind contributions, sold items, interest income, and the starting balance. Also, some campaigns lump together under-$100 contributions into a single line item - so the number of contributions may be slightly understated and the average contribution slightly overstated. And yes, we'll include Republican candidates - if any of them ever decide to run for statewide office in Oregon ever again.]

Update: A brief note on our methodology... These numbers include the initial cash-on-hand on January 1, 2007 plus all funds raised since then. We're attempting to measure campaign strength, and it matters whether you start at zero or $100k. The graph reflects this reality, and we've added a "starting balance" line to the box score for additional clarity.

Those are the money numbers for the AG race. Discuss.

  • red (unverified)

    Interesting that you got your information from ORESTAR on 1/1, considering it's been down for maintenance from the 31st and will continue to be unavailable until this evening.

  • DW (unverified)

    Go Greg! This is great news for his campaign as he heads into the new year.

  • (Show?)

    Red -- I didn't have a problem downloading all the data last night.

    The "account summary" pages were weirdly all zeroed out, but everything else worked great.

  • A. Rab. (unverified)

    What would this look like if it cut out cash leftover from previous campaigns? It was my understanding that Macpherson had a large war chest leftover from his last legislative race, so a lot of that money total is not from new money raised.

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    That's my question also.

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    I think it would look pretty much like if you took the blue line, and drop it straight down to the black line at the bottom. For the most recent figures (eyeballing it), that means subtracting about $130k from 330k, so MacPherson raised somewhere in the realm of $200,000.

    It looks pretty straightforward -- but am I missing something?

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    That's exactly what the chart shows, doesn't it? The gap between Macpherson and Kroger has grown over time - nevermind Macpherson's substantial head start. And at the current daily pace, that gap will continue to grow quite dramatically (some $300+ a day). Which isn't to say that Kroger couldn't catch up, just that it's going to take some work.

    Full disclosure: My firm built Macpherson's website, but I speak only for myself.

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    Editor's note: We've added a clarification on our methodology above. We added a "starting balance" line to the box score, so that it's clear how much money campaigns started 2007 with and how much they've raised since then. The numbers are unchanged.

  • A. Rab. (unverified)

    Thanks for making that more clear.

    On another note, when is the GOP going to get into a state office race? Democrats are throwing up big money numbers (for these offices at least), and Republicans cannot even find a sacrificial lamb, let alone a contender. We are already not a Presidential swing state, so without this, we are running out of offices to follow (and where is the fun for a political junkie in that?).

    <h2>Go Dems.</h2>
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