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By Trent Lutz of Portland, Oregon. Trent is the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon

Dear John Edwards Supporters

Congratulations to John Edwards’ supporters for a hard fought and well run campaign.

Edwards amassed a huge pool of support in Oregon from activists to donors. No matter who wins the nomination, our Democratic candidate will be forwarding many of the ideas that Edwards brought to the debate.

You can stay involved in his fight without endorsing another candidate by volunteering with the Democratic Party of Oregon. With your help, we will win not only the election, but the argument for sensible, progressive government.

Romney Out. McCain In.

Now that Mitt Romney has left the Republican race, John McCain has stepped up his campaign rhetoric. He has promised us another 100 years in Iraq and judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

All McCain offers is a third Bush term. That’s not something Oregon can accept.

Help your county party and show that you are willing to fight the McCain surge. We are building strong county parties across the state so that we have the grassroots leadership we need to win Democratic votes in every county and every precinct.

Face-to-face contact is by far the most effective way to turn out votes. It’s better than phone calls, letters, and emails- combined. We need your feet on the street more than ever. Become a Neighborhood Leader and help us build the votes we need to win back the White House.

Helping Obama And Clinton

Joining the Neighborhood Leader program is the single most important thing you can do to ensure that Obama or Clinton defeat McCain in November. Between now and the election, you will build a network of at least 25 of your neighbors with the full support of our nationally recognized field team. Sign up today.

This is your Democratic Party. Join us and help lead Oregon and the country forward.

  • Naval Officer (unverified)

    Your statements are misleading at best. McCain does NOT support combat action in Iraq for the next 100 years. The presents of troops in the region depends only on the level of violence. He will apoint judges that do not legislate from the bench (which should never be done in any case much less an important one like Roe v. Wade).

    With McCain you can expect a cleaner environment, improved health care, a stronger national defense, tighter boarders, reduced taxes and reduced gov't spending. I would put him in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt.

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    The focus of Trent's post is ramping up our level of involvement to win the 2008 election in Oregon. With our involvement we can stand up and prevent another 4 or horrors, 8 years of more of the same coming out of the White House. We can encourage everyone to vote. We've lived in R country long enough. The Bush Administration has given every voter in America a reason to change. Nothing will really change until we commit to getting involved ourselves.

    Personal contact is the most powerful form of communication and the neighborhood leaders will focus an talking to your neighbors closest to your homes and apartments. The Democratic County organizations will provide lists of Democrat and Independent voters you can to talk with.

    The Republican's in our county have set a goal of 7 personal contacts with other Republicans before the May 20th Primary.Game on!!!!

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    An interesting turn of phrase "presents of troops in the region", don't they teach Naval Officers how to spell? Teddy Roosevelt advocated for progressive inheritance taxes, was a great conservationist, anti-trust advocate, food safety advocate, won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the end of the Russo-Japanese War, and was a statesman who promoted peace while being prudently prepared for war if necessary. John McCain sang on TV "Bomb, Bomb Iran".

  • Adam Gretzinger HD34 (unverified)

    I want to say, as the chair of the Washington County Democrats Neighbor to Neighbor Committee just how powerful this program is, I have had very positive feedback in my organizing. Democrats have been thanking me inviting them to meet other democrats. Here in Washington County we had a party to watch the Super Tuesday turnouts.

    Neighbor to Neighbor helps us remove some of the money from the process and actually have a conversation instead of just watching sound bites on TV.

    This program empowers every citizen who participates in it to continue in a way that doesn't cost a lot of money. This program helps convert the popular support the Democrats have to defeat the money.

    Our county (Washington) is moving forward with this program and I encourage everyone to signup, its not hard to change our country, it just takes us to make the change.

    Adam Gretzinger Washington County N2N Chair

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    Hyperbole from the head of the Dems in Oregon. How refreshing and politics as normal.

  • Oregon Eyes (unverified)
    <h2>I really wish I could get excited about this. Did you notice the recent approval rating for Pelosi's Dem-led Congress (front page of Oregonian last weekend)--22%. Dems call for impeachment, but the candidates are silent and the leadership ignores us. Maybe you should put pressure on Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, etc, to do more to represent the will of the people, but I understand that they probably ignore you too. Sorry, since the Kerry concession in 2004 and absolute failure of the Dems since 2006 to enforce checks and balances, I just don't believe that these prats are anything but globalist figureheads on the Left.</h2>
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