Hillary gives her supporters the bird

T.A. Barnhart

Hillary's campaign has made a colossal number of mistakes, including what will come to be seen as the Modified Rudy (ignoring "unimportant" states to win a few biggies — and then not winning them).

The picture shows, at the bottom, yet another whoops, something I saw months ago and thought someone there would also spot and fix.


Telling your supporters "F You"? Slick.

Subliminal, trivial, only visible to someone with "that" kind of mind? Yea, but Facebook and YouTube denizens are the kinds who would see "F You" and think ... that. I've seen movie credits with "F You kid" listed. It's not an uncommon sayings. Someone at her campaign should have recognized this.

But this is so symptomatic of this campaign. They can't get even the small things right. No wonder she's squandered her huge lead and is on the brink of a return to the Senate.

To be joined, at the end of the year, by McCain.

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    Wow. That's the kind of accidental thing that makes campaigns crazy. There's no way that it was on purpose.

    (Of course, I'm now checking all of the sites I've worked on for this goof.)

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    Wow... I actually have "that kind of mind" and I never connected those dots. Still, it is an amusing, if unfortunate, faux pas.

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    That's too funny. I didn't scroll down that far when I was just on her site.

    I couldn't remember for sure the URL, so like most people I Google'd it. Right at the top is a sponsored link that says it's to www.HillaryClinton.com. Yes, it goes to her site. But it goes directly to a campaign contribution page.

    Obama's sponsored link, on the other hand, goes to a page with him speaking and a sign up area for more information.

    To me, that's the bigger faux pas.

  • ws (unverified)

    Oh c'mon. Are people really taking something like this seriously? I suppose people always need something to laugh about, but this just seems so stupid. I'm not a texter, a face-booker or a You-tuber. I guess it shows.

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    It may be silly, but this is often times exactly the kind of thing that would be discussed 'round the water cooler.

    But like I said, to me the bigger deal was directing new people to your site directly to your campaign contribution page. That would turn me off right away.

  • J (unverified)

    To me the bigger thing is the subliminal "flickreons" reference. Clearly an element of the realm of Xenu. That jumped out at me like crop circle beckon beacon.

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    fortunately, J, i have links to the cheapest Canadian prescriptions drugs; that should help you with your "Xenu" problem. i can also provide links to products to help your obviously, um, flagging self-esteem

  • Elizabeth (unverified)

    This is funny. Political blogs are allowed to have sense of humor, and this is pretty good.

    I don't think anyone's using this faux pas to dissuade someone from voting for Clinton. It's just an amused critique of Hillary's staff's campaign management.

    In the end, this kind of stuff shouldn't sway a person's vote. However, as Barnhart points out, this is a symptom of a potentially malignant disease running through Clinton's campaign. The more obvious mistakes they've made, like money mismanagement and poor advice to the candidate, will be the ones turning people away.

    And, if Obama wasn't, as he is, running an almost-watertight campaign himself, then this snafu wouldn't stand in stark contrast to it.

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    Whew, TA, you meant this as humor! I didn't get that at first.

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    This sort of low brow, trashy, potty humor does not meet the high caliber of professional journalism we here at the Fox News Netwerk care to participate in. -- We interrupt this message to bring you breaking news on Michelle Obama's latest act of treason. And after the break, we'll have an in-depth probe on some wealthy white socialite's latest escapades...

  • JohnH (unverified)

    Fits right in with HRC's campaign, doesn't it? F* the base. Run a general election campaign. Hedge her position on Iraq to attrace centrist hawks and innoculate herself against rabid right wingers.

    Cozy up to Big Money and lobbyists. After all, lobbyists are people just like the rest of us...

    F* the base.

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    Yawn! I'm still voting for Hillary.

  • Erik Sorensen (unverified)

    Dumb. This post is dancing in the Jeff Rense realm. If anything, this is the kind of thing that diehard Obama supporters would fixate on. Maybe that "F YOU" is in fact directed at Obama supporters? Just a thought.

  • Opinionated (unverified)

    This is funny folks. Lets have a sense of humor in all this. Its an interesting observation, lets not take this so seriously. And yes, I too am still voting for Hillary. Latest feedback on Obama's accomplishments in the Senate -- "Well he did all this work for the poor in the South side of Chicago!".

    I have a strong opinion about this!

  • Chris (unverified)

    This really is the dumbest post I've ever read on BlueOregon. What a ridiculous non-story.

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    dumbest post ever? sheesh. i've out-dumbed this before, Chris. try to keep up, man.

  • Curtis (unverified)

    What the hell? This is the most lame blog post I've ever seen. This has got to be a joke. Who freakin' cares! Im glad everyone else agrees.

    This site has really gone down hill since I first visited a couple years ago.

  • Tahler (unverified)

    This is a stupid post. This blog sucks almost as much as Barack Obama's empty rhetoric.

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    <h2>check out the brain on Curtis. of course it was a joke. jeez. we are allowed to have a sense of humor. we really are. even if our jokes are lame.</h2>

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