Party for the President: Kicking Off the 2008 Presidential Campaign in Oregon

By Meredith Wood Smith of Portland, Oregon. Meredith is the Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

In my 45 years in Democratic politics, I’ve never seen such an exciting presidential field.

Our Democrats are generating record voter turnout in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina and unprecedented interest in the early states.

I’ve never seen so much engagement and excitement so soon.

Not even when the man from Hope became the Comeback Kid.

Not even when a brilliant peanut farmer surprised the country and defeated an incumbent president.

And not even during Camelot.

Well, maybe with JFK, but that was much longer ago than I care to admit!

Our candidates are generating record excitement and it’s time for us to start working together to support them. No matter who wins, we need to be prepared to battle right alongside them.

Super Tuesday Parties

So we’re kicking off the presidential campaign year with the Democratic Party of Oregon’s Super Tuesday Party in Portland, and 19 other events throughout the state.

Join Obama, Clinton, and all your friends for food, drink and fun.

These are our first major events in the presidential year. We will build on the momentum of the Blue Tide that swept Oregon and the nation in 2006. We will capitalize on the record interest in our early primaries. We will ride this wave all the way to the White House in 2008.

Come kick off the 2008 presidential campaign at Portland’s Tiffany Center or at one of the 19 other events throughout the state. The Tiffany Center event includes complimentary food and drink and great raffle prizes.

You’ll have the chance on Super Tuesday to make the case for your candidate and hear why other people support their choice. But remember, we are all fighting together for new, progressive leadership in the White House.

It starts on February 5th with 20 events in Oregon. It ends on Nov. 4 at the White House.

See you February 5th!

Also, you don’t have to wait until February to help build the grassroots Democratic base that will win this election. Become a Neighborhood Leader today!

  • Brent (unverified)

    See you Tuesday!

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    I'm trying to decide whether to blow all my money on raffle tickets for the airfare and hotel for the convention in Denver, or to split it up to try for some of the other great prizes.

    Need not be present to win. Great stuff: wine, fishing, beach houses, eating out, personalized birthday greetings, Scrabble with Anne Hughes, Goody Cable, and Cynthia Milbradt, and more!

    Get your tickets here.

    Disclaimer: I built the raffle web page.

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    Hey Obama supporter!

    Want to enjoy the night but without shelling out half-a-C-note? Come join "Oregon Wants Obama!" at Venues (formerly Billy Reed's) at 2808 NE MLK. No admission, just lots of enthusiasm, Obama supporters galore, and a chance to find out what we can do next. Feb 5 is just the beginning; there's a lot more to do whatever the outcome.

    So join us at Venues, anytime after 6pm, and we'll have some drinks, maybe you'll enjoy the good Cuban food, and we'll get ready to celebrate.

    <h2>For more info, go to the Event page.</h2>
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