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By Teddy Keizer of Portland, Oregon. Teddy is a candidate for House District 42. Learn more at www.GoTeddyGo.com. Yesterday we heard from Regan Gray, and tomorrow we'll hear from Jules Kopel-Bailey.

KeizerI believe the job of a state representative is straightforward: work every day to uphold the social contract; maintain the highest degree of integrity; and work selflessly and tirelessly to listen to and improve the quality of life for all people.

This campaign isn’t about one issue – be it reforming a dilapidated health care system, the challenges associated with climate change and transitioning to a non-carbon based economy, or funding education. It’s about improving our communities, helping our families, and assisting those struggling with mental illness and homelessness. It’s about electing a person who believes Oregonians deserve good health, who has the experience to understand that education counts, who’ll defend the civil rights of all people, and who will fight to keep Oregon green and protect human health, our water resources, and environment. In short, it’s about tirelessly advocating for the health, safety, and welfare of all people and doing so without being beholden to special interests.

I am running to represent HD42 in the legislature because I love Oregon and believe in the benefits to people and society from promoting progressive values.

My public service inside and outside the legislature gives me the experience necessary to get the job done. As Senator Joanne Verger’s Legislative Assistant, I played a key role in 2005 and 2007 in expanding the Bottle Bill. I also worked with a coalition of public health and school advocates to bring healthy food to our schools. As the State Organizer for Stand for Children, I worked with parents, teachers, and concerned citizens to successfully lobby the legislature for $260 million in additional school funding. I am also the son, brother, and husband of teachers and have worked myself as a teacher, coach, and tutor. Also, I’ve developed a first-hand understanding of issues facing working families as well as for people’s struggles with health care costs, in making ends meet, and the obstacles to upward mobility. Since I have experienced these difficulties myself, I am able to empathize and relate to the struggles that many Portlanders and Oregonians currently face.

Let’s face it, great policy solutions are only part of the equation: we need a representative from HD42 who will build coalitions with elected officials and community leaders throughout the state and understands the values of both rural and urban communities. In pursuing our progressive agenda, Democrats need to be aggressive and diligent. I am the candidate who will bring these skills and this approach to Salem.

At their core, the solutions are simple: we must reduce class sizes, extend the school year, and bring back to our curriculum basics like Art, Music, and PE. We must control health care costs by holding health insurance companies accountable, containing costs, and by adopting a proactive health care ethos that delivers on the promise that Oregonians deserve good health. We have a vital interest in protecting our environment and standing up to those who have a financial interest in destroying and polluting it. Our legislators must exercise the political will to address tough issues like raising the corporate minimum tax, redirecting the kicker into the rainy day fund, and enacting tough reforms and incentives that will move us rapidly toward a sustainable economy.

We must be creative. Landmark legislation like the Bottle Bill, access to public beaches, and land use planning helped Oregon be recognized as one of the best, most beautiful and most progressive states. The current health care and climate change crises give us the opportunity to continue this legacy of progressive policy. A tremendous economic and moral opportunity exists for Oregon to lead in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and I’ll make sure we continue to be a model for the nation. My experience and hard work on the environment, education, and public health make me the best choice to represent HD42 and spearhead these policy solutions.

Getting to know my neighbors has been the most valuable piece of this campaign, and in my eyes is the role of a legislator since I will speak and vote on behalf of the people in our neighborhoods. It has been invigorating discussing issues and concerns raised by the voters. By the time you read this I'll have personally knocked on almost 9,000 doors in HD42, and had conversations with thousands of people.

The people in HD42 know the challenges Oregon faces as well as any of us, and they also know that with hard work, we will overcome them.

Finally, I want to express my deep appreciation for the endorsements of community leaders and supporters. Together, I know we can make Oregon an even better place.

I appreciate your support this May!

Teddy Keizer

  • Ann (unverified)

    Go Teddy Go! Teddy you've been doing an amazing job reaching out to voters all over our district. Everywhere I go I see your lawn signs, and I know from volunteering with your campaign that you've really impressed our neighbors with your willingness to hear what needs are foremost in their minds. I know that you're the only candidate who has been campaigning full time since September, and that really says a lot about your commitment to this position, and what you will bring to the Legislature. I also really admire that you have worked in schools as a teacher and with parents and teachers through Stand for Children. Your work on the Bottle Bill is an important step to advance recycling in our state, and ultimately save our environment. I admire your earnest interest, your enthusiasm, and your dedication to always do what is right. Go Teddy Go! You have my support and the support of all of our neighbors!

  • Anon (unverified)

    Great. Guy.

  • Kevin (unverified)

    Teddy Keizer came to my door and I had the opportunity to speak with him on many issues. I quickly came to respect Teddy as a person, admire him as a community builder, and I trust him with my vote for the Oregon House of Representatives.

    There are many issues that are important to me and Teddy recognized every one of them. In speaking to Teddy I discovered he is a great advocate for the environment, a person who understands the value of a solid education, a true supporter of health care reform and a candidate of integrity who will stand up for the rights of others.

    I believe Teddy will play a pivotal role in the Oregon Legislature to meet the needs of our community.

    Go Teddy Go!!

  • Marsha (unverified)

    I too had the opportunity to meet Teddy during his door-to-door trek through my neighborhood. His enthusiasm and balanced approach to the social and enviornmental issues that matter most to me were evident within minutes. As a veteran of the civil rights movement of the 60s and many, many political campaigns and action groups since, I know how rare it is to find someone of Teddy's quality willing to serve in the public arena. I am proud and pleased to be a supporter.

    Go Teddy Go !!!!

  • PSJackson (unverified)

    Early on Teddy took me up on my offer to go door to door around my neighborhood. I am extremely impressed with Teddy and his ability to listen. If we elect Teddy we will have a person in Salem who will be carrying our ideas and concerns because he has taken the time to hear them.

    I look for ward to walking with Teddy again.

    BTW, Teddy is walking so much he has to eat a pint of ice cream every night to keep his weight up.

    Shane Jackson District Leader, HD42, Multnomah County Democratic Party

    PS, This is not an endorsement, just an informed opinion.

  • Eric (unverified)

    If you've gotten a chance to meet Teddy and talk to him one on one, you'll be impressed with his readiness to listen and his willingness to take on any challenge with an optimistic attitude. You'd also be able to tell he has those certain personal qualities leaders have.

    He also has the necessary experience from working in the Legislature and in working for improved education- he knows how to forge coalitions and get things done in the Legislature.

    Maybe most importantly, I've seen that he's the hardest-working person I've ever met, and he would take that unparalleled ability into the Legislature.

  • jay stauffer (unverified)

    teddy kizer was the first canadate to show up at my front door and talk with me about the issues that are inportant to me as a voter i mentioned homelessness we as a state need to spend more then 37 million a year we need programs that will get everyone off the streets in a home

  • tmpt (unverified)

    I first met Teddy when he knocked on my door on a cold, dark, rainy, winter night. I was so surprised that a candidate was actually interested in my prioities that I invited him in to my home.

    As a former professor of speech communications I became aware very quickly that this was a remarkable individual indeed. I could literally watch him listen to my concerns, and see him thinking and understanding. I understand that he has made similar visits to many thousands of voters in our district.

    Unlike at least two of the other candidates who scribbled, "sorry I missed you" notes on their literature and stuffed it in my screen door while I was sitting in plain view at my desk; Teddy has taken the extraordinary step of trying to meet all within his district. Could we really ask for more from our State Representative.

  • Emily (unverified)

    I think Teddy has the drive, dedication and smarts to lead our state and lead it with success. He's the only one that came to my door. It would be great to have his representation and if he puts as much effort into the job as he has put into his campaign, then we will be well represented. Good Luck...you have our vote!

  • tl (unverified)

    I am not in HD42 nor am I informed on Teddy's politics. I can, however, comment on Teddy as a person. He grew up and went to my highschool in Coos Bay and I know him and his family well. Everything everyone has posted above sounds like the Teddy I know: intelligent, thoughtful, conscientious, hard-working and good-natured. I also know he is a very strong-willed and committed individual who can tackle Herculean tasks successfully.

    For those who don't know, Teddy's nickname is Cavedog, and he has completed some amazing physical feats climbing mountains and traversing some incredible trails in record time. Check out www.thecavedog.com and you will see a similar graphic on the home page with that on Teddy's candidate page. Guess who that is?

    Warm regards and lots of luck, Teddy! -tl

  • Sue (unverified)

    It was a distinct pleasure to meet Teddy. I was shocked that an actual candidate was at the door and invited him in. I poured about my concerns about the state of Oregon's child welfare system. After Teddy left, I felt foolish for thinking that a politician would care about my situation and silly for taking up so much of his valuable time. Less than a week later, I received an e-mail from Teddy and it wasn't the standard thank you, I need your support. This e-mail was about my concerns--he actually heard me.

    I'm voting for Teddy, because he took the time to make notes when we spoke, he responded to me with an email that demonstrated to me in a very clear way, that this man walks his talk and will hear my voice in Salem. Teddy will do what I think we all want our elected officials to do--he will speak for us.

  • hl (unverified)

    Teddy has the intelligence and moral fortitude to get the job done. Go Teddy, Go!

  • (Show?)

    As one of Teddy's earliest donors and supporters, I'm obviously biased. I've seen the endorsements and read BRO's emails and ordinarily would support it's preferred candidate but I know that Teddy can and will do a great job in the legislature because of his good nature, hard work ethic, and above all his prior experience in the legislative process. He's a winner and deserves the votes of District 42's Democrats.

  • Lorene (unverified)
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