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Kristin Teigen

Today the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee made the following, very cool announcement. I’m excited to be going to Denver in August, and now, in addition to my energy and enthusiasm, I will also be bringing my helmet. Anybody else?

Mayor Hickenlooper and Gov. Ritter join in announcement on Wednesday afternoon

Denver - The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, along with representatives from Humana and Bikes Belong have joined to bring 1,000 bikes to Denver for people to use during the week of the Democratic National Convention.

Freewheelin is a national bike-sharing program developed by Humana and bike industry leaders like Bikes Belong to encourage healthy living and environmental sustainability. The 1,000 bikes can be used free of charge by anyone looking for an alternative to automobiles while the convention is in town.


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    WARNING: Oregonians from low-lying areas like Portland and the coast should be careful riding bikes up in the thinner air of Denver, the Mile High City, elevation 5280'. It would truly suck to get up there, ride a bike around and get altitude sickness, then miss the convention or even worse cast your votes in a delerium haze for the wrong candidate!

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    I rented a bike in Boston in 2004 and had a great time pedaling around the Hub (Boston is really a small city). Made it a lot easier to hit a lot of parties every night, plus the events were all over town.

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    I too received the information by email. Thanks for sharing it, Kristin.

    Also, a great warning, Glen, and one I hope to apply should I become fortunate enough to attend the Convention. That will be up to the people of Clackamas County and the State of Oregon. Fingers crossed.

    Lastly, here's a little more information on altitude sickness and prevention from the Denver Visitor's Bureau.

  • Bridget (unverified)

    While you're there, stop by the Gaylord neighborhood near Washington Park.

    There's two bike shops (one exclusive for tandems!), and a great little restaurant called "Devil's Food" with the best pastries and tasty eggs benedict and a truly brilliant catfish po' boy.

    (disclaimer: I'm friends with the owner, but I speak only for myself, and I don't share dessert.)

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