HD35: Meet "Doctor" Tony Marino's fellow alumnus... Sonny the Golden Retriever!

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Tonymarino_2On Friday, I blogged about Tony Marino - GOP legislative candidate in HD 35 (running against Rep. Larry Galizio). It seems he's got a closet bursting with skeletons, and he's let them all out to run around Tigard.

But I think my favorite little bit of Tony Marino trivia is this: He claims that he's got a Ph.D. from Ashwood University. Here's his mea culpa:

I have a degree from an online university I’ve learned is not accredited in Oregon. I was given credit for my life and work experience in the Navy, as a television and radio personality, as an author and as a successful international marketing consultant. I firmly believe in investigating alternatives to traditional education to help our children be competitive in a global market. From this experience, I learned to ask more questions and verify what you are told from that experience.

MarinobookOf course, his mea culpa hasn't stopped him from promoting his Ph.D. all over his business website. I especially love his book "Influencing People to Win Them Over." How's that going, Tony?

Anyway, he tries to minimize the problem by just noting that Ashwood University "is not accredited in Oregon." Let's tell the whole truth: it's not accredited anywhere - by anyone.

No one even knows where Ashwood is located - though Wikipedia notes that they're located "in a California strip mall" while "all diplomas are mailed from Pakistan."

But here's the best part.

Last year, an Australian TV comedy show got an Ashwood medical degree for a golden retriever. Under "life experience", the show said that Sonny the Dog "has eaten out of hospital rubbish bin for 5 years" and "has significant proctology experience sniffing other dog's bums." Here's the clip. It's pretty hilarious!

Hey, "Doctor" Tony Marino... maybe you and Sonny should start an alumni club!

  • Logan Gilles (unverified)

    "I bet that cat's not a doctor"

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    According to the AP, it took Tony Marino three months to get his marketing degree:

    Then there's that doctorate from an online university that he's since learned is not accredited in Oregon. The marketing diploma from Ashwood University took three months to earn.

    This show claims that the dog got his doctorate of medicine in a week.

    So why did it take Marino 11 weeks longer to get his degree than a dog?

    Marino has one point: This is certainly unusual poltics.

  • Murphy (unverified)

    Hey - what's the problem? This "degree" is in keeping with Republican ideology: Accreditation is just one more governmental regulation interfering with the free market.

    Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges!"

  • Liz Smith Currie (unverified)

    And here's his business' tag line: Delivering honest, practical and distinctive marketing solutions for today's emerging online businesses... affordably!

    This guy is a fraud.

  • Liz Reilly (unverified)

    And you know this Liz because you have employed the conpany's services? I think not. To make that sort of a "blanket comment" truly shows your lack of reality and your very narrow-minded way of thinking.


    Perhaps you're just smarter and more successful than most of their satisfied clients.


    "When you judge others, you are merely defining yourself."

    By the way Liz, how many books on marketing did you say you have you written? How big is your global online marketing newsletter list? How many articles pertaining to online marketing have you had picked up by other outlets? What is the total reach of your online marketing radio program?

    In all fairness, I may have missed that in your post.

    Please do advise!

  • chris (unverified)

    Wow, liz #2, get a grip. When did this race become about internet marketing anyway. Mr. Morino's ad sounds like an info-mercial, and so does your post. I've never laughed so hard.

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    Hey Liz Reilly... Since it sounds like you know Tony - or at least, his business, maybe you could tell us about this?

    It was posted on my earlier post about Dr. Marino. I can't vouch for its authenticity, but I have no reason to believe it isn't real:

    Comment Number: OL-103628 Received: 4/15/2004 5:51:37 PM Organization: America Web Works Commenter: Tony Marino State: OR Agency: Federal Trade Commission Rule: CAN-SPAM ANPR Docket ID: [3084-AA96] Re: CAN-SPAM Act Rulemaking, Project No. R411008 To the Commissioners, I applaud your efforts to curb the problem of unsolicited bulk email. However, I am concerned about the proposed requirement for merchants to maintain suppression lists. There are so many problems and costs associated with this idea, and so much damage done to consumers and businesses alike, that I feel I must urge you to consider this matter most carefully. Requirement of the use of suppression lists will seriously damage many of the legitimate publications available on the net. My specific concern is for harm to publishers who require permission from the consumer prior to adding them to any list. They're not who CAN-SPAM was designed to put out of business, but this requirement will very likely have that effect. There's also the potential for significant harm to consumers, because of the problem of properly knowing their intent when they unsubscribe from a list. On top of that, these suppression lists could easily fall into the hands of spammers, leading to more spam instead of less. I was quite surprised at the potential problems this ruling could involve, and urge you in the strongest possible terms to reconsider its implementation in light of these problems, Respectfully, Dr. Tony Marino Oregon, USA
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    His campaign is being totally funded by the GOP Caucus. $13.5k raised, $11.5 k from House GOP committees. They couldn't have picked a weaker opponent for Galizio.

    You'd think he would've tapped his spam network for contributions by now.

    Dear Sir, I am writing to discuss an exciting opportunity for you to triple your money back...
  • UR (unverified)

    I wonder how long the Doctor will continue to call himself Dr Tony Marino. Maybe he is thinking of a second career as an actor on General Hospital. "Paging Doctor Tony Marino"

    I can't wait to see the mail pieces this fall!

  • UR (unverified)

    I wonder how long the Doctor will continue to call himself Dr Tony Marino. Maybe he is thinking of a second career as an actor on General Hospital. "Paging Doctor Tony Marino"

    I can't wait to see the mail pieces this fall!

  • JHL (unverified)

    In all fairness, it seems that Tony Marino has taken his PhD references off of his campaign site and his business site... So I hereby rescind my own title of Doctor as well.

    Now, my only question is this:

    Did Tony Marino 1) Know that Ashwood University was worthless and market himself as a doctor as a scam, or 2) Get taken in by Ashwood's scam?

  • chris (unverified)

    oh please! I would expect someone with any level of higher ed. to think twice about any PhD that is available online and takes only 2 months. I'm not saying there aren't good quality online programs, but a small amount of research or common sense could have done the trick here. And he BRAGS about learning a lesson from this? I know 8 year olds that would have caught on quicker.

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    JHL -- Thanks for the tip. Yeah, it looks like all the PhD's have been scrubbed from the front page. There's still plenty of those deep in the site, though... gotta keep those internet marketing interns busy!

  • YellowDog (unverified)

    Zowsers! Talk about the land of misfit toys. I want NONE of these weirdos serving in the Legislature. However, I would watch a reality show if they were the cast.

    Matt "The Law" Lindlind, "Dr." Tony Marino, Matt "Put the Screws to You" Wingard, and last but not least - Piotr "Copy and Paste" Kuklinski.

    I can't wait to see who gets a rose in next week's episode.

  • Embarrassed Republican (unverified)

    Have you seen this interview?

    "The way I look at it is, when I kick the bucket, if I’ve got eleven friends that think I’m pretty cool, then I’ve equaled Christ."

    The rest of the interview is even worse.

  • amazed (unverified)

    I was amazed at watching Mr. Marino's own pitch on his web site. His body language and facial expressions hold innummerable tells that his interest in the job is not about the electorate, but rather the personal opportunities such a position would open up for him.

    He oozes con job. Avoid.

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